Visionet's state-of-the-art business process services are second to none. Relying on industry-leading technology to enhance the ability and performance of our business process rockstars, we deliver a consistent and personalized brand experience to your customers, with a strong focus on efficiency and building long-term relationships through a cohesive mix of VoIP contact center, non-voice, and digital marketing services.

What We Do

Visionet’s approach to offering business process service is a mix of a holistic strategy backed by the necessary technology and human skills needed to execute it. Over the years, we have modified and streamlined our ability to offer business processes as a service (BPAAS) to a diverse array of businesses and commercial entities. Thanks to intensive training procedures and stringent quality control protocols, we ensure our customer service, non-voice, and digital marketing geniuses deployed to your account aren’t just thinking about addressing your customer’s pressing service needs, but also about extending the long-term customer lifecycle. Visionet’s effective and demonstrable approach places key business processes such as contact center operations, non-voice activities, and 360-degree digital marketing in capable and experienced hands.

BPAAS Capabilities at a

Visionet offers a range of BPAAS solutions aimed at delivering value and presenting client businesses with consistently effective outsourcing models for contact center, digital marketing, and non-voice processes.

Contact Center Services
Contact Center Services

Modern businesses need a strong contact center function to address both B2B and B2C needs. Visionet’s contact center services allow you to reap all the benefits of a fully functional and transparent contact center without having to undertake extensive capital expenditure to manage the function in-house.

Non-Voice Services
Non-Voice Services

Our extensive range of non-voice services act as streamlined and optimized solutions for a range of non-voice needs many firms are facing in the current business landscape. With a focus on measurable service quality, industry standards, and best practices, Visionet stands ready to deliver.

Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Services

Modern businesses operating without a strong digital marketing function are at a severe disadvantage. Visionet offers its extensive digital marketing process capability as a solution to a range of clients. With a core focus on strategizing, implementing, and measuring campaigns for success, we stand capable to deliver a scalable 360-degree digital transformation.

Key Clients

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Advantage Title LLC
Warranty People
Vitamin World
Title Source
The Collected Group
Steve Madden

Contact Center Process Solutions

Businesses frequently need to be in contact with their customers. Even more importantly, your customers, whether individuals or other businesses, need convenient ways to get in touch with you.

Contact center functions serve as a versatile business process with multiple sub-functions such as inbound calls, technical support, helpdesks, and super-agents. For businesses that are not inclined to divert significant funds and talent to these functions, Visionet offers a comprehensive and scalable contact center process solution. Without having to make significant capital investments in technology, infrastructure, and human resources, our client partners receive a better ROI with a strong focus on transparency, quality control, offering a better call experience, and scalability. Drawing on our years of business process service experience, Visionet’s VoIP contact center process solution has already had many success stories across a broad range of industry and business types

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Inbound call center services

Inbound Call Center Services

Inbound call center services are a core part of the Visionet contact center model. Building on our key strengths, namely talented and reliable professionals, advanced technical capabilities, transparent reporting based on our call center quality monitoring scorecard, and diverse industry experience, we maximize inbound call center value delivery in line with your objectives. Visionet’s call center solutions do more than just address day-to-day customer queries or needs. They aim to help foster lasting relationships with our client’s customers by offering a consistently positive customer experience with each call.

With experienced inbound calling veterans as a core part of this BPAAS offering, Visionet has a demonstrable and proven history of helping our clients receive all the benefits of an efficient and streamlined inbound call center function, without having to make a significant investment in equipment, infrastructure, and human resources. Core aspects of this solution include:

  • An in-depth assessment of your product/service and USPs.
  • Devising and refining scripts to manage virtually any inbound call.
  • Best-in-class VoIP equipment and infrastructure for smooth operations.
  • Floor supervisors and strong quality control ensure a consistent experience.
Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services

In a perfect world, a product or service always works as intended, and the intended user always knows how to use it correctly. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Products and services have grown increasingly sophisticated and complex, which means the final consumer or user may run into problems when not using the product or service correctly. For unavoidable eventualities like these, businesses that offer complex products or services need a dedicated technical support function to address and resolve customer problems. Of course, not every business is inclined to invest heavily in a function that does not directly contribute to generating revenue. In such cases, our technical support services can prove to be a cost-efficient and successful solution.

Visionet has proven talent capacity and infrastructural capabilities in terms of offering high-quality technical support services. Our services expand far beyond the simple handling of support calls to integrated non-voice channels as well as streamlining process solutions based on operational needs. Our technical support solution revolves around:

  • Deploying support personnel with the right technical knowledge.
  • Refining customer support strategies for a better caller experience.
  • Gathering and interpreting information to analyze recurring complaints.
  • Streamlining the function to handle larger support traffic volumes.
Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is an essential part of growing and expanding your existing customer base by acquiring valuable new customers. However, given the capital-intensive nature of creating and maintaining in-house lead generation functions as well as the absence of strategic technological advantages, many businesses lag behind in creating a streamlined lead generation process. Visionet’s tried-and-tested lead generation outsourcing services offer an adaptable and versatile high-powered solution that can help you avoid the significant costs associated with the lead generation function while still generating high-quality leads with an improved cost per acquisition.

Our lead generation services focus on delivering the best return to our clients, which also includes minimizing the resources spent in acquiring each new lead. Strong performance quality and ROI monitoring allow us to consistently deliver the high-quality leads that your business needs. Our lead generation services include:

  • Proven lead generation processes, adaptable to a range of businesses.
  • Highly skilled lead generation specialist teams to maximize the number of leads.
  • Constant lead quality monitoring and improvement to generate better quality leads.
  • Devising strategy-level changes to optimize costs per acquisition sustainably.
Call Quality Monitoring

Call Quality Monitoring

Strong quality monitoring and control functions are essential to identify weaknesses or gaps in your contact center operations, address agent mistakes or errors, ensure adherence to standardized responses, and improve the overall caller experience. Tracking and maintaining call quality is an important aspect of any contact center operation, but does not directly contribute to revenue generation or profit. Instead, it acts as a way to measure and improve call quality. However, since many businesses lack the specialized human and technical resources to dedicate to this function, Visionet offers better value-for-investment by using specialized call quality monitoring tools.

Based on years working for varying clients across a range of industries and commercial segments, Visionet has successfully developed strong call quality monitoring and control protocols to ensure agents adhere to quality standards while at the same time developing innovative solutions for business-specific roadblocks or bottlenecks that may arise during the process. The service centers around key objectives including:

  • Ensuring that call center professionals stick to the standard script.
  • Identifying and correcting mistakes and errors during a call.
  • Monitoring and tracking call quality on every incoming call.
  • Locating and improving procedural bottlenecks to improve call quality.
Super-Agent Services

Super-Agent Services

Modern businesses are embracing modern AI technology to automate key business processes, including contact center operations, but contrary to popular belief, this does not make human contact center professionals obsolete. Yes, human errors are a given, but at Visionet, we have built a strategy around defining the contact center process, giving our deployed teams the skills, training, and technical support they need to efficiently execute the process as perfectly as possible. Human professionals are also still the safest choice for overseeing the process of call quality monitoring and improvement. Building on a growing need for scalable operations and process automation, Visionet is proud to offer super-agent solutions as a service to a range of clients and industries.

This enables us to optimally train and deploy scalable teams of super-agents with exceptionally low error rates and a deep understanding of your business processes, improving the effectiveness of virtually any contact center function. Key areas of Visionet’s super-agent services include:

  • Create comprehensive super-agent training programs.
  • Taking on technical or human capacity gaps with scalability.
  • Integrating automation with super-agent oversight to maximize ROI.
  • Aligning service outcomes with your business processes and long-term goals.
Helpdesk Services

Helpdesk Services

Technology doesn’t just make up a significant competitive advantage, but in many cases also serves as the backbone offering cohesion to distinct business processes. Given the vast number of everyday business activities as well as specialized, technology-intensive processes, businesses often need qualified and urgent help to ensure business operations proceed as smoothly as possible. Visionet’s industry-tested helpdesk services offer businesses like yours a single point of contact to address virtually any and all technical issues. We understand how crucial your technological infrastructure is to the core functions of your business.

Therefore, effectiveness and minimal lead time are key focuses of the helpdesk solution we have developed based on successful use cases across a broad range of industries. Our capacity to handle complete helpdesk solutions includes:

  • Defined and standardized response and turnaround times.
  • Consistent, dedicated access to address issues round-the-clock.
  • Layered remote IT support to specifically solve Tier 1, 2, or 3 issues.
  • A single point of contact to conveniently address needs as they arise.

Digital Marketing Services

At Visionet, we have refined and perfected our digital marketing process as a holistic and comprehensive solution designed to fit a vast range of industries and business types. Key factors that enable us to deliver an above-and-beyond 360-degree digital marketing experience include deploying a diverse talent pool of our skilled and experienced digital marketing gurus, using a mix of third-party and homegrown software to streamline and optimize process efficiency, and constantly measuring the success of our efforts against key performance indicators and milestones. The result is a complete digital marketing process outsourcing solution that covers virtually all major digital channels, ensuring that we aren’t just driving website traffic or customer engagement, but measurable results as well. Thanks to a diverse mix of industries and clients served, Visionet has the capability to scale digital marketing processes in line with virtually any business growth trajectories.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are a user’s vehicle to access the internet. Industry leaders like Google see 5.6 billion unique search queries every day.

The sheer volume of organic global users relying on search engines for transactional information, such as searching for specific products or services, renders it essential for businesses to maximize their visibility in the search engine results page for relevant queries. Not doing so puts your business at a distinct disadvantage. With some of the globe’s brightest SEO minds in our agile workforce, Visionet is favorably placed to help your business optimize digital visibility, drive organic traffic, and enhance conversion rates, using a list of techniques including:

  • Optimizing business websites with on-site SEO.
  • Creating SERP optimized digital SEO content.
  • White-hat SEO link building to increase domain authority.
  • Improving search engine rankings based on known SEO signals.
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Search Engine Ads

Search Engine Ads

While our SEO services aim to improve your organic traffic and conversion to reap long term benefits, our experienced search engine marketers can help businesses generate more revenue in the short term through search engine ads.

Using a mix of calculated search engine ad campaigns, carefully crafted ad copies, transparency in our paid marketing tactics, and thorough testing, Visionet has delivered concrete and measurable improvements in ROI and revenue levels across a diverse range of clients from varying commercial and industrial sectors. Thanks to an unparalleled understanding of search engine ad campaigns, testing environments, and compelling ad copies, our dynamic SEM magicians build a tailored solution for your needs based on:

  • A concrete, proven, and personalized PPC strategy.
  • Maximizing your return on search engine ad spend.
  • Measuring search ad campaign success with clear KPIs.
  • Creating personalized ad copies to increase CTR.
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Display Ads

Display Ads

While search engines offer crucial avenues for businesses to maximize their digital visibility, traffic, and conversions, they are not the only way businesses can acquire new customers. Visionet’s experienced display ad marketers specialize in creating text-based, image-based, or even video-based display ads on different websites, banners, social media platforms, and applications that exist on the internet.

Display ad marketing involves a clinical and precise approach to maximize the utility of advertising on available digital ad space for a measurable and sustainable return on display ad spend. Based on years of strategizing, creating, running, and improving innovative campaigns, the geniuses behind our display ad process specialize in:

  • Creating text or image display ads based on intensive testing.
  • Helping you formulate a personalized video advertising strategy.
  • Producing and optimizing video ads for greater visibility and engagement.
  • Modifying strategies to ensure the display ads reach the intended audience.
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms offer a vast potential to reach out to segmented audiences with targeted advertising and marketing techniques. Platforms like Facebook already have more than 2 billion active users, with many more joining the platform every day.

Social media platforms accumulate data on their users, such as demographics, interests, and social circles. To skilled social media marketers like the ones we deploy on client projects, this data is extremely useful in creating highly refined social media campaigns to target specific audience segments. Drawing on a vast array of social media marketing techniques, we stand ready to formulate, implement, and improve comprehensive social media marketing based on:

  • Prioritizing your customer acquisition numbers through social media.
  • Leveraging social media ads to drive more traffic to your website.
  • Using retargeting techniques to convert abandoned carts into sales.
  • Updated knowledge on changing social media ad types and techniques.
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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing offers an often overlooked avenue to engage and educate your audience, as well as crafting recurring customers.

Email offers businesses an opportunity to reach out to potential and current customers with personalized messages for direct visibility. Email marketing can serve a variety of purposes, adaptable to your needs ranging from generating leads to drive successful online sales campaigns. Of course, two of the biggest factors impacting the success of an email marketing campaign are the timing as well as the content of the email. Visionet employs some of the best email marketing experts in the market, which allows us to tailor email strategies to the needs and other specifics of virtually any business. Our email marketers begin by gaining an understanding of your product or service, as well as your business, to gather useful insights in creating an email marketing strategy. With precise email campaign performance measurements and analytics, our marketers constantly tweak and update email campaigns to yield the best possible return. The Primary aspects of our email marketing campaigns usually include:

  • Strategizing a cohesive objective-based campaign.
  • Improving brand visibility with targeted email content.
  • Performance measurement and analytics to measure success.
  • Generating leads that may turn into valuable repeat customers.
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Reputation Management

Reputation Management

These days, businesses and brands are more visible to their customers and intended audiences than ever before.

Organizations spend significantly on establishing and curating their brand image, which in turn can help them generate more business value as the brand becomes credible and recognized. However, in the Digital Age, brands are more sensitive to negative feedback and criticism, which can often have a severe impact on online brand value and by extension, your business reputation. Visionet’s reputation management services deploy teams of experienced reputation management and maintenance experts to work on repairing any damage to your digital reputation, devising all-encompassing strategies to boost reputation and brand visibility, and executing reputation-oriented SEO to offset any negative feedback or reviews your business may have recently generated. The solution consists of:

  • Remedial SEO to offset reputational damage.
  • Creating coherent and consistent reputation management strategies.
  • Repairing online damage to your brand reputation.
  • Using ethical techniques to improve or mitigate bad reviews.
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Non-Voice Services

Thanks to advancements in business technology and the increased penetration of this technology across industries, voice-based solutions aren’t the only option to address business needs.

Visionet’s diverse non-voice service offerings present cost-effective solutions to various business processes based on our superior technical ability and talent deployment capacity. We have assisted a large number of businesses, varying from small and medium-sized firms to enterprise-level companies as well as governments and healthcare organizations.

Thanks to the enriched non-voice process experience we have accumulated over the years, as well as our familiarity with commonly used business information systems and operational software, Visionet is best placed to offer you a well-rounded mix of process outsourcing solutions that can address a range of distinct non-voice business needs as comprehensively as needed. This also helps our clients appropriate more resources for deployment toward core revenue generation processes.

Email Support Services

Email communication isn’t just used for formal business correspondence, but also as a major support channel to reach out to, engage, educate, and even retarget existing customers. Our email support services take on the job of creating, implementing, and successfully executing email support strategies to offer quick solutions and improved customer relationships across a range of industries and segments.

Visionet’s email support services are designed to reach out to the intended recipients with personalized messages, including addressing product or service-related queries, educating customers as to the correct way to use the product or service, and addressing customer complaints with regards to the functioning of the product or service. In addition, thanks to our technical experts and email support strategists, Visionet can also address specific customer concerns or problems with the product or service via email. As a full-service email support solution specialist, here are some of the core benefits you can expect:

  • Offering email support directly to your business.
  • Addressing your customer’s needs and issues via email.
  • Comprehensive messaging in line with your brand.
  • Creating a consistent and functional email support strategy.
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Chat Support Services

Website chat support is quickly gaining popularity thanks to its availability for website visitors as well as the ease of absorbing information in text format.

Instead of resorting to calling or emailing your business, a website visitor or a potential customer can quickly reach out to a representative without having to leave the website or use another device to contact you. Chat support delivers more conversion opportunities for visitors into customers as well as offering crucial information that impacts the buying decision. Visionet offers live chat support services to ensure your customers have ready access to assistance and help without our clients having to divert crucial resources to significant equipment and infrastructure upgrades. Our full-service live chat support solutions remain one of the most cost-effective and workable options for businesses of all sizes. Our focus is on delivering a consistent chat support experience that can also integrate with other existing communication channels you may use.

  • Website customers have ready and convenient access to support.
  • Skilled chat support experts deliver better customer satisfaction.
  • Communication and messaging in line with your brand tone and image.
  • Improves your ability to deliver seamless web channel communication.
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Data Entry

Data is by far one of the most valuable assets a modern business can possess. However, data management may not always be a core business strength, especially when the volume or the complexity of the data is above-average.

It’s not just that businesses often have gaps in terms of data management talent, but also that the data entry process of intaking, managing, and sorting the raw data is repetitive and cost-intensive, often requiring a lot of manpower, and with a very low margin for error in most cases. Businesses today need a lean and versatile data entry solution that can scale in keeping with their growth outlook while delivering accuracy and quick turnaround times. Thanks to years of offering data management services across diverse industries and business models, Visionet’s data entry services deliver exactly the kind of reliable, cost-effective, and flexible service you need, backed by an abundance of technological capacity and human resources. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive online and offline data entry services.
  • Versatile image and text-based data entry services.
  • Expertise in real estate appraisal data entry.
  • Data extraction and capturing data.
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Bookkeeping and Accounting

In most businesses, the bookkeeping and accounting function is usually not a core revenue process.

However, in the interests of business transparency, accountability, and strong financial governance standards and compliances, businesses cannot afford to function without accurate and consistent recordkeeping, in line with the relevant standards that apply to your business. Our expertise goes beyond simply offering run-of-the-mill bookkeeping, expanding over the years to include most recognized and accepted bookkeeping and accounting software used by small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses. The Visionet bookkeeping and accounting solution is designed to take on the entire crucial function. Our service is built around maintaining and updating financial records while ensuring the consistency and accuracy of these records, as required by the relevant financial standards that apply to you as well as any recognized recordkeeping software your business already uses. The range of services offered with the solution include:

  • Recording and managing accounts receivable and payable.
  • Maintaining detailed asset and equipment ledgers.
  • Reconciling bank statements with your cashbook.
  • Specialized experts with experience in operating accounting software.
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Return and Refunds Processing

Most businesses are so focused on managing the sales and delivery process that they often only give cursory attention to the returns and refunds management process.

Returns and refunds management can often prove to be a tricky process for many commercial entities. On one hand, your consumers demand an easy and convenient return process. Doing so can often give rise to significant shipping and inventory handling costs. Not doing so, however, can have an even costlier impact on your business credibility as well as your ability to encourage repeat purchases. If you intend to focus not just on acquiring new customers, but also retaining your existing ones, a strong returns and refunds management process is essential. Of course, while most businesses club this function in with their overall sales function, this move ties down members of your sales team in managing returns and refunds. It takes time and effort that your sales experts should be putting towards generating more revenue. Visionet’s successful solution is modeled around:

  • Offering your customers the return and refund convenience they want.
  • Recording, updating, and managing returns and refunds processing.
  • Minimizing the risks of paying out refunds on suspicious or bad claims.
  • Ensuring transparency and consistency through each stage of the process.
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The Strengths That Let Us Deliver Every Time

What separates Visionet from the hundreds of other comparable firms you see? The short answer is, we just do it better. Over decades of experience managing business processes and delivering client satisfaction, we have created a unique business process as a service model that can be applied to a diverse range of industries, as well as commercial and government organizations. The important ingredients to our service model include a mix of:

Better Technology and Infrastructure

One huge advantage Visionet has over the competition is our ready access to state-of-the-art communications technology and a strong infrastructure to handle contact center services of any size or scale. Using sophisticated data and voice management hardware and software, Visionet is able to deliver a service standard much higher than you would find with most similar services.

Highly Skilled and Experienced Resources

At Visionet, we believe investing in skilled, experienced, and competent resources is a key ingredient in delivering better service quality than other firms around. As such, our pool of customer service and technical support talent is deep and highly diverse. Thanks to intensive training programs and refresher courses, our skilled contact center agents can efficiently handle virtually any possible scenario.

Stronger Process Optimization and Measurement

Of course, being great at something isn’t our overall goal. Staying great is. Visionet utilizes a mix of key performance indicators, competitive scorecards, standardized services, and process analysis to continuously work on improving and streamlining contact center processes for maximum efficiency and service value. Other key differentiating factors include:

  • Competitive and flexible pricing models.
  • A portfolio of diverse clients and industries.
  • Transparent processes and operations.
  • Significant reduction in contact center costs.

The Benefits of Choosing Visionet Process Solutions

Our proven competitive advantage in terms of talent, technology, and collective experience are some of the biggest differentiating factors between the competition, and us. However, they are by no means the only benefits Visionet seeks to deliver to clients. Our broader contact center strategy also offers beneficial value in terms of:

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Encouraging proactive engagement
Significantly lower capital requirements
Targeting first-contact resolutions
Eliminating recruitment and training costs
Adherence to industry standards and best practices
Strategies built around sales and business growth
Improved costs per contact
Flexible pricing models and rates
Scalable contact workforce deployment
Industry-tested customer retention protocols
Pools of experienced and skilled contact agents
Faster contact executions and turnaround time
Around-the-clock contact service operations
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