Data Capture Solution & Services


Visionet’s Data Capture Solution and Services, streamlines all paper-intensive processes offering an end-to-end, integrated document and data capture solution and services to manage the overall documentation lifecycle.


VisiCapture uses an automated approach to identifying and capturing scanned documents and transforming the information into business-ready content. Businesses choose a smart capturing solution typically for two main reasons, either to archive and store documents, or to optimize business processes by streamlining the delivery of information to other enterprise systems and to key decision makers.

It is a workflow based, fully customizable, document and data capture platform that scales to accommodate requirements ranging from a few thousand pages to several million pages per day, in both centralized and distributed environments.


VisiCapture helps the organizations improve processes, reduce time, efforts, costs, and fulfills compliance requirements. It can manage higher volumes of documents and data landing at your organization with reduced dependency on IT and a phenomenal decrease in staffing and provides high accuracy. It helps businesses in a variety of industries to run faster and more efficiently, including, but not limited to, mortgage banking, healthcare, retail, insurance, financial services, government and manufacturing.

With Visionet’s end-to-end data capturing solution, businesses can save time, reduce operating costs, and improve information quality of data. Ultimately, they can deliver better customer services leading to a competitive advantage.


VisiCapture’s technology drives documents and data into business application and content management systems by automatically identifying documents, collecting and protecting data before it enters the mainstream systems. It accepts scanned data and produces desired output in widely used formats, and provides an option to integrate with other systems.

VisiCapture works with scanner, multi-functional devices, fax machines and other devices to capture information from paper, faxes and data streams and feeds the data into enterprise applications without the fear of loss or damage to the documents in physical shipment.

Visionet’s data capture solution is built on a modular, service-oriented architecture – it provides flexibility for rapid customizations and a cloud hosted deployment option.

Type of data

By utilizing VisiCapture, companies can scan mixed batches of the structured documents including tax forms, paper based applications, and benefit enrollment documents, etc. It also supports semi-structured and unstructured documents like insurance claims, invoices, purchase orders, checks, mortgage and loan documents, medical claims, patient records, legal documents, and correspondence letters and many other documents can be processed through VisiCapture without the need of manual sorting or document separators.

How it works

  • In the first step, all incoming information is scanned and made to undergo rigorous image enhancements including de-skewing, de-speckling, and noise reduction
  • Next, the captured documents are smartly identified using sophisticated image analysis and text based document identification techniques
  • Later, data is intelligently extracted using several recognition engines for reading handprint, machine print, bar codes and checkboxes. Existing data contained in enterprise systems is used to improve data recognition and to validate the results
  • Finally, this information is exported as a digital content to any enterprise application or database making it a useful tool to enhance business operations

Visionet’s Data Management Services

Visionet specializes in offering outsourcing services for back office data management from its onshore facility in Pittsburgh. These services along with VisiCapture add a significant value in terms of accurate and efficient data management to achieve reduced cost and enhanced operational efficiency.

Visionet’s services include:

  • Data Entry – Our expert data entry operators can extract data from source documents and enter this information into your preferred format or a database. These services include online and offline data entry, data conversion, extraction or data processing
  • Document Stacking and Routing – Documents are stacked together, bar code labeled, and organized for scanning. Additional and peripheral documents are arranged for scanning, routed, or prepared according to customer requirements. We establish batch controls and volume of documents and carefully monitor them throughout the process
  • Scanning and Indexing – Visionet’s provides high quality controlled scanning services for business critical documents. In addition, all the related documents are attached together in desired index resulting in easier access and retrieval of data. These services include document, invoice or even a book scanning and producing output in desired format
  • Data Extraction Services – Combining our imaging industry experience and attention to detail for data entry of documents, we offer the highest quality of services in data extraction and mapping it accordingly with the clients’ system
  • Quality Assurance – Visionet’s data quality auditors carry out a comprehensive data and document review using automated and manual review to ensure a high accuracy and compliance needs. The quality review can be carried out at any stage of documentation lifecycle and it can be tailored according to your business needs

Visionet institutes SLAs prior to the launch of the project to provide its clients with a detailed understanding of the desired outcome, and provides real-time tracking and collaborate with the clients from an online portal. By involving clients throughout the process, we are able to promote transparency and ensure that all the SLAs are being completely fulfilled. To deliver upon our commitments, Visionet offers a dedicated staff working 24/7 for each customer. We remain committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers.

For more information about how Visionet’s data capture solution and services can help your business save time, reduce operational costs and improve data accuracy, please contact us today.