eCommerce Reimagined: How the mobile-first approach transformed Shoebacca

June 10, 2021

June 10, 2021

eCommerce Reimagined: How the mobile-first approach transformed Shoebacca

In 2020, 61% of the web traffic originated from mobile devices. Revolutionary development in mobile technology and the evolution of social media culture have changed the way customers engage online with retailers and brands. Their preferred route to access the internet is through mobile. Mobile commerce sales generated from smartphones will reach $432.24 billion in 2022. Now we see rapid evolution and boom in the adoption of mobile commerce and digital payments by the retail industry and many others.

Earlier McKinsey stated that during pandemic 45-50% of the retailers planned to prioritize a mobile app for efficient mobile commerce. From unified omnichannel experience to mobile payments, mobile commerce is beneficial for both retailers and customers. However, the kind of user experience you offer to your customers is vital as well. If your potential customer has to wait for your page or image to load, they will switch to another shopping site without thinking twice. 79% of online customers are less likely to visit your site again after a poor site experience.

When customers are so deep in the mobile world, so must be the retailers. One such example of a retailer embracing this cultural shift is Shoebacca. This full-scale online footwear retail company with 200+ brands reviewed and aligned their technology investment with the customers’ needs. Shoebacca approached Visionet to combat growing challenges with modern shoppers. The growing mobile traffic led to a high bounce rate because load speed and user experience were not ideal.

Visionet + Adobe Magento = Guaranteed digital-driven success

To pose as a leader in eCommerce, Shoebacca wanted to invest in next-generation architecture. Visionet assessed Shoebacca’s existing platform and revamped their existing website by leveraging Adobe Magento and keeping the mobile-first approach in mind.

It was imperative to look at Shoebacca’s existing site from strategic and usability perspectives to enhance the experience for customers who take the mobile route. Visionet initiated the design phase with an emphasis on the mobile-first approach, which allowed customers to easily navigate through the products on devices in their hands.

Visionet excels at designing, developing, selling, and deploying human-centric, best-in-class solutions, and alliance with Adobe accentuates its capabilities further. To help Shoebacca achieve their goal, Visionet leveraged Adobe Magento Commerce and Progressive Web App’s capabilities for superior web performance and better leads conversion. Visionet’s unparalleled expertise in digital commerce combined with Adobe Magento helped Shoebacca prepare for the holiday season.

Along with multiple additional features, Magento Commerce integrated Shoebacca’s back-office systems. Now, this top retailer has an integrated back office. They can seamlessly manage their entire operation, including inventory, pricing, shipping, and CRM from multiple channels.

Now, more customers are arriving on Shoebacca’s website, staying for longer and eventually spending more. After eCommerce website redesign, the digital commerce expertise of Visionet and Adobe helped Shoebacca achieve:

  • 25% increase in sales and traffic
  • 50% increase in average order value
  • 50% decrease in average page load time

In the last three years, Shoebacca’s total sales have remarkably increased by 1,400%. With a frictionless customer experience and a 7.21% decrease in bounce rate on mobile, Shoebacca’s new eCommerce site is a testament to the capabilities of Visionet and Adobe.

Magento was a key factor in our x15 revenue growth in just three years.”
Thomas Finney, Chief Technology Officer, SHOEBACCA

Modernize and redesign your eCommerce website with Visionet and Adobe Magento

You can position yourself as an eCommerce leader as well. Businesses worldwide are adapting to modern commerce and PWA platforms from leading cloud providers, such as Adobe Magento, to manage their orders and satisfy customers while maintaining profit margins.

Just like Visionet helped Shoebacca build a revamped mobile-first eCommerce experience emphasizing navigation, search, and product details and leveraged Magento’s PWA Studio to enable a seamless, native app-like experience with optimized speed and lesser data constraints, you could be next.

Fact sheet – PWA Characteristics

Offline Access: PWAs work even if a device loses its Internet connection, so your customers will no longer have their experience interrupted by an inconsistent Wi-Fi connection.

User experience: By accessing hardware directly and using native interfaces, PWAs provide a more responsive user experience, improving user engagement with features like push notifications.
Accessibility: PWAs can be accessed through a web browser, eliminating download times while providing users with the option of accessing the app directly on their device.Discoverability: PWAs can be accessed and used right from a link in a search engine or on social media, exposing them to far more potential users than a visit to even the most popular app store.
Security: PWAs pass network requests through service workers, minimizing their interactions with the internet.

Cross-browser compatibility: PWAs work across all modern browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari

Along with using PWA to improve the user experience, we also addressed the critical issues of high bounce rate and low conversion. Moreover, we integrated the store with the necessary analytical and behavioral toolset consisting of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and more.

Other than PWA services, the Visionet team of experts has extensive experience in custom web development, migration services, integrations, and performance optimization. Our team of experts is also available 24/7 for site testing, troubleshooting, and Magento updates.

Ride high in the eCommerce revolution

Visionet’s combination of strong partnership with Adobe and digital commerce expertise helped Shoebacca achieve record-breaking site traffic and conversion rate during the peak holiday season for events like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

To shed more light on this success story, we’ll be co-hosting a live webinar ‘Enabling next-generation eCommerce customer experience’ with Adobe and Shoebacca on June 24, 2021. Our experts will talk about how the mobile-first eCommerce approach fuels next-generation eCommerce experiences, and how it empowered Shoebacca to achieve digital commerce excellence.

If you wish to run a successful eCommerce business in 2021 and beyond, capitalizing on the latest trends is imperative. Redesign your eCommerce website and strategies around mobile, omnichannel, voice, AR/AI, etc. Stepping up your eCommerce game in 2021 is a must. If you want to be a part of this revolution, get in touch with our eCommerce experts at Visionet today.

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