Document Processing System

Intelligently transform unstructured data into insights that drive better business outcomes

Unstructured data in today’s business enterprises amounts to more than 80%

This massive number indicates the tremendous untapped potential this data possesses to help navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities.


While data analytics provides many ways to derive meaningful insights from all the unstructured data, the approach involves complicated processes that hinder prompt decision making to deliver value quickly. This status quo is being challenged and changed by intelligent document processing.

Document Processing System

Reimagine data analysis and decision-making

Document Processing System (DPS) by Visionet is a reliable, secure, and end-to-end cloud solution to easily capture, classify, extract, validate, and release high volumes of documents, transforming them into usable insights that provide vision, drive efficiency, and lead to smarter decision-making.

DPS in numbers

Utilized By 30 Financial Brokers Across USA

1.3 million documents processed since 2017

100% accuracy and compliance

Key Benefits

DPS consumes, scans, and extracts business-critical data from a variety of documents including emails, PDFs, Microsoft Office files, and more. With a built- in business process engine, it delivers a single path for the flow of all business information.

Document Processing System


Save costs and improve efficiency with a cloud- hosted solution optimized to operate during business hours only


Take advantage of the flexibility to purchase and configure as per your business requirements and scale as needed


Design, configure, implement, and support your required workflows at any time, through any modern web browser

Work more intelligently with your documents

DPS is a complete solution to easily capture, classify, validate, and transform your business documents into usable information. It enables you to develop document rules that extract critical business information and put it in motion through automated workflows.


Capture documents from virtually any source including PDFs, Microsoft Office, production scanners, email servers, web forms, shared network directories, and other external data sources.


Use form recognition to automatically classify and capture documents. New classification projects can be created on the fly for handling the ongoing training of evolving document capture processes.


Mine information from your documents using powerful extraction tools including structured and unstructured optical character recognition, barcode recognition, tabular data extraction, database lookups, and more. AL and ML are used for searching information from the indexed documents.


Check the integrity of your information before it’s shared with downstream applications. Ensure data accuracy with user review confidence reporting and other essential validation checks.


Automatically route your documents to the destination of your choice including shared networks. Notify users on document availability through automated notifications.


Release to file sharing services as well as document management platforms with direct integration with FTP, RPA, web-based portals, REST APIs, external databases, and more.

The DPS Difference

Work with a greater level of intelligence. Anywhere, anytime.

Flexible Licensing Options

Pay a one-time upfront cost for a perpetual license with a recurring maintenance fee and deploy the solution on-premises or on the hosting provider of your choice. Minimize CapEx with our SaaS option that charges you just for the solution while we take care of the hosting.

Easy to Scale

Optimize DPS by configuring multiple processing engines to handle high-volume workloads while easily adding and removing threads for varied processing requirements.

Business Process Management Engine

Create, modify, copy, delete, and publish document workflows to connect and automate unique business processes.

Web Forms Integration

Add web forms to your processes to create and manage both secured and public forms to cover business use cases.

Document Processing System

Powerful Email Processing

Don’t just extract information from scanned images. Seamlessly capture emails along with their attachments and search across both to find the information you need.

Application Sharing

Easily share the extracted high-value data across the enterprise with the systems that you use the most including ERP, CRM, HRM, and BPM platforms.


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