Dynamics 365 Commerce-in-a-Day Workshop

Free 1-day discovery and use case feasibility assessment

Digital Commerce Revolution

Lead the digital commerce revolution

In the post-pandemic world, rapid adoption of eCommerce systems that can absorb high transaction volumes and deliver seamlessly connected commerce experiences is a vital imperative for growth. Customers today require personalization, which means businesses must have connected data, intelligent shopper analytics, and digital strategies to drive conversions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

modernizes your end-to-end customer experience and creates personalized experiences at every point of your customers’ journey.

Visionet’s free Commerce-in-a-Day workshop

will help you discover how Dynamics 365 Commerce can unlock operational efficiencies, boost productivity, and enhance customer experiences for your business.

Why Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Adapt to the demands of your customers before they even arise. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, you can:

Modernize your end-to-end customer experience

Easily create personalized experiences at every point of your customers’ journey

Improve customer engagement by unifying front- and back-office operations with deep integration with Teams and Power Platform

Bring together the worlds of customer experience and marketing automation to engage your customers in real-time interactions across marketing, sales, commerce, and service

Commerce-in-a-Day Workshop with Visionet

Visionet is Microsoft’s leading Dynamics 365 Commerce Partner. Our expert experience with Dynamics 365 Commerce, Power Platform, and Azure-related service offerings combined with our accelerators and use case experience make this workshop a must-attend. Learn all about Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Commerce platform and discover new use case opportunities for your business.

Join our Commerce-in-a-Day workshop to:

  • Learn all about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce platform
  • Discover new use case opportunities for your business
  • Understand how D365 Commerce services can impact your business results, productivity, and overall value
  • Have a product-ready, working prototype website powered by Dynamics 365 commerce – on day 1

About Workshop

The workshop is split into 2 parts:

End-Customer Journey

Back-Office Operations

Commerce-in-a-Day Engagement Model

Key Deliverables

Why Visionet?

Dynamics 365 Commerce expertise that’s acclaimed by Microsoft

Experienced in leading multiple D 365 Commerce-in-a-Day workshops

Exceeded all D365 Commerce technical boot camp requirements

All the training credentials to host a successful CIAD workshop

Take the first step towards
true digital commerce transformation