A Social Shopping Experience to Increase your Market Share

Gone are the 10am to 9pm store hours and here is the 24×7 Omni-store open for business – anytime and anywhere. It’s time to bid farewell to shopping the old-fashioned way and explore a smoother, simpler, and a more fun-filled shopping experience using social media and empower consumers through immediate knowledge of your product and product reviews and gather instant feedback. The Internet, Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites have changed the retail market for the better. How will you create the shopping experience that consumers not only seek but, in fact, expect? How will you maintain and increase your market share in the new Omni-world?

Share & Wear is a new social media product that enhances the user experience and engagement over Facebook and expands brand awareness through social sharing, whilst driving web traffic from Facebook to your e-Commerce website for a purchase.

The garments, accessories, and footwear purchases are dependent on the imagination of the consumer, i.e., on how they wish to create a look and style. A consumer with a strong imaginative sense can spin through a myriad of products and get what they want and make a purchase. However, a consumer who is least imaginative, browses through the products and leaves the website without buying anything and feeling frustrated. Share & Wear will provide your consumers with a customizable visual styling mechanism that brings an ultimate look and feel to virtual reality. It allows them to share their experience among their network for personal reviews and feedback affirming a sale. This way, it expands your product exposure and attracts prospective consumers, while capturing all these activities for analysis and personalized marketing.

Create your own virtual shopping experience and increase your market share with Share & Wear.


For the Customer

  • Filter through options like tops, bottoms or accessories to make favorite style combinations.
  • Select through a pre-defined set of style combinations and then edit selection (Auto-Advisor Selection).
  • Review recommendations as you select and make your style combination.
  • Share the predefined, customized, or newly created product combinations with friends & family on Facebook.
  • Receive interactive feedback against any product or combination.
  • My Wardrobe is an exclusive feature where customers can save their preferred ensembles for later viewing or purchase.
  • Auto Advisor makes dressing for any event a pleasant experience by selecting a from the list of predesigned style combinations, which include:
    1. Going out to a party
    2. Friend’s wedding
    3. Every day work
    4. Casual dressin

Customers have the flexibility to swap items from the clothing reel, depending on what you like and select accordingly. Once your style combination is ready, you can as quickly purchase one item or the entire look.

For the Merchandiser

  • The Retailer can control the display of the combinations in order to maximize their consumer experience and marketing strategies.
  • Access the product and combination management interface.
  • Additional administrative features include:
    1. Top product/combination rankings. (Based on user social activity and sharing).
    2. Apply discounts on products/combinations.
    3. Make product/combination exclusive (application prioritizes the display in catalog reels).
    4. Create combinations that can then be displayed on Facebook application.
    5. Manage (create/delete/apply) auto advisor social tags for the combinations.
    6. Manage portal user accounts.
  • For viewing business value and effective decision-making, portal users can view analytics reports including:
    1. User session reports.
    2. Fan development report to keep track of active and new users.
    3. Fan demographics report.
    4. Facebook Likes and comments report.
  • Access to analytics reports.
    1. Data is automatically collected from Facebook Insights
    2. Users will be able to extract reports in MS Excel, CSV and PDF formats.

For the Technologists

  • Designed on a scalable architecture to meet future enhancements and client requirements.
  • Backend can be integrated with any ERP solution through web service.
  • Developed using cutting edge technologies including:
    1. ASP.NET MVC 3.0 for web front end
    2. Entity Framework 4.1 (ORM)
    3. SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2 can take variety of data sources including relational, XML and SSAS cubes.
  • The admin portal provides flexibility of integrating with client’s existing environment:
    1. To enable working on a portion of the product catalog for replication.
    2. Real-time integration ensures that the catalog and pricing on the website matches up with the Product Advisor.

Business Benefits

  • Consumers become brand ambassadors themselves and make their own style combinations.
  • Promote flexible social shopping experience.
  • Strengthen your focus on user engagement and social sharing.
  • Increase brand visibility through sharing of products within a social realm of the user
  • Increase sales as social media sharing inspires consumers to purchase a product.
  • Make combination of high selling apparel products with low selling apparel products.
  • Market hot or relevant product items as one combination.
  • Drive qualified user traffic to the e-commerce site.
  • Target demographic in order to maintain word of mouth advocacy.

Value Proposition

Process Improvement: Our strategic consultants will scrutinize your e-commerce site, processes, and identify improvements and suggest strategic solutions.

Cost Effective: Our Global Service delivery model typically operates at 1 onsite and 5 offshore staff ratio that generates tremendous cost savings. ($32.5/hour blended)

Scalability at fraction of cost: We offer scalability at a fraction of the cost, enabling our customers to capitalize on Visionet’s large pool of resources.

Multi-Skilled Technology Team: We possess a talented team of individuals with a core competency in apparel and e-commerce solutions, integration services, and BI reporting, to provide you with a one-stop shop for all your needs.

Innovative Solutions: We have highly-trained and certified technology teams who are skilled at generating innovative solutions – frameworks and accelerators.

Cross Industry Experience: Our cross-industry trained resources are acquainted with the industry’s best practices in management, development administration.

Comprehensive Process: Our e-commerce services delivery process covers all aspects of e-commerce, including website design, product development, marketing, order management, customer service, support, and BI.

At Visionet, digital commerce is in our DNA. To learn more about our solutions and services, please visit the Visionet Digital microsite.