HauteLogic Retail BI


HauteLogic Retail BI Overview

In today’s competitive business environment, both traditional or Omni channel retail businesses are challenged with deploying highly sophisticated, extensible and complete business intelligence solutions within required time frame due to high cost of ownership and lack of skills. On the other hand effective business intelligence capabilities are imperative for their success.

HauteLogic Retail Business Intelligence solution makes it possible for decision makers and operations’ users to spotlight any areas of their complex retail business and find the actionable intelligence they need to maximize the performance of their business.

HauteLogic Business Intelligence is highly sophisticated, capable, scalable and extensible solution that can be rapidly deployed for fast results and rapid return on your investments. Our solution is built on Microsoft’s state-of-the-art technology platform and caters of the need of any size and type of retail businesses.


HauteLogic Retail BI solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you the insight you need to:

Tighten strategic alignment – improve your operations by aligning tactical, day-to-day activities with overall business strategies, and enables your employees to monitor key business drivers, analyze solutions, and execute revenue plans.

Enable confident decision making – give your people the power to monitor and analyze data in a meaningful way so they can make insightful business decisions.

Operation’s Insights – Provides personalized information across all roles and ranks of the your organization to help perform their duties more effectively.

Self-service – Enhances your organizations ability to extract valuable information at lightning fast speed using the tools they already know.

Extensible – Once deployed, HauteLogic Retail Business Intelligence Solution is extensible and flexible which can adjust to varying needs of the growing businesses.

Raid Result – Prebuilt dashboard, reports and analytics allowing for fast deployment and quick return on investment.

HauteLogic Retail Business Intelligence helps materialize the best value of your Retail ERP investments by allowing you to seek information through the loads of business data right when and where you need it.


  • Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail
  • Out of the box dashboards, key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Prebuilt operational reports, analytics, cubes, integrated Data Warehouse
  • Web based capabilities for accessing reports on new media
  • Interactive reporting over desktop and web based interfaces
  • Highly scalable and capable of handling large data volumes
  • Collaborative team-oriented approach for work off of one version of truth (based on SharePoint 2013)
  • Sophisticated scheduling capabilities
  • Supports Omni Channel business

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