Finance and Accounting


Insightful. Scalable. Effective.


Finance functions are business enablers. Accurate financial insights are necessary to guide strategic decisions for best results, and this ability is the most valued quality of any Finance function used today.


This is a relatively new concept in finance, but has become increasingly relevant in the volatile economic environment we live in today. It gives you the ability to scale up or scale down quickly without incurring significant costs. What’s more, it could be the difference between catching the next growth wave, merger opportunity, new product launch, or getting buried under the massive Finance overhead in a downturn.


This goes without saying, because any finance function needs to give you the ability to exercise complete control. By recording every single transaction, you get to ensure flawless reporting in an accurate and timely manner.

At Visionet, we help you build the finance function you need to sustain, grow and profit in today’s environment. Our metric-driven business process approach coupled with workflow management tools will provide effective support, complete controls and assurance of accuracy. Our bench strength and flexible commercial models create the scalable structure which you can use to scale up or down as per your requirement. Our technology-led services provide accessible, transparent and accurate finance data to help you derive insights for strategic decisions.

Most importantly, we enable you to focus on your business, while we keep the focus on your finance.

Why Visionet?

At Visionet, we will create a complete project plan for you with a clear linkage between costs, efforts and business benefits. Here’s why you can trust us to deliver upon our commitments and get you real benefits:

We own our technology

Over the last 20 years, Visionet has developed a host of proprietary technologies from workflows to OCR; and reporting dashboards to external portals. We use our proprietary technology to automate your processes, so it’s not just any off-the-shelf product which promises the world but falls short at the time of delivery. We can customize, integrate and implement these tools ourselves without any external dependence to give you an on-time white-glove reformation.

Multi-shore delivery

We have two domestic delivery centers in the US – one in Pittsburgh (PA) and the other in Cranbury (NJ). They are seamlessly integrated with our global delivery centers in Bangalore and Coimbatore (India). Our service delivery provides stable business continuity by using a combination of these four delivery centers, an enhanced customer experience with domestic and global teams and a high-quality finance expertise with highly qualified resources.

Flexible Commercial arrangements

We know you are looking for flexibility in commercial arrangements based on requirements and budget cycles. At Visionet, we can offer multiple commercial arrangements to suit your project requirements whether it has to do with unit pricing, outcome pricing, flat-rate cards, project-based pricing, milestone billing, one-time billing or phased-out billing.

One Stop Shop

We control all aspects of our service delivery. Whether it is paper-mail handling from our mailroom and scanning center at Pittsburg or integration of our applications with your ERP. We own and deliver each and every aspect in this regard, so you get complete assurance of delivery as you have single accountability.


20 years and counting, 100+ satisfied clients, 500+ projects successfully delivered. The name Visionet stands for quality and reliability.

Visionet’s scope of expertise continues to grow. Please visit our Industries page to learn more.