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Helping enterprises to evolve with AI-powered automation and adapt to the next!

Today’s business leaders are looking to create an uninterrupted value stream for their stakeholders with always-on intelligent automation, no matter what the future brings. For most enterprises, a complex technology landscape having a mix of monolithic, legacy applications and SaaS systems restricts growth and leads to overwhelming operational costs and slow response time. The need to add new capabilities faster further increases the burden on technology resources.  

Intelligent automation not only helps enterprises improve efficiency and productivity but also offers the agility and scalability that empower employees, improve operational efficiency, and unleash new ways to innovate faster.

With Visionet’s automation services, you can adopt a modular approach to integrate intelligent automation across your hybrid, multi-cloud environments. Our automation services are designed to solve your toughest business challenges with a broad set of AI-powered automation and integration capabilities, including process designing, process mining, process orchestration, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), hyper-automation, API management and much more. Our services are highly scalable and agile, offering a flexible model that lets you start small and scale as you grow.

Visionet & IBM: Helping Enterprises to Transform with AI-Powered Automation

Deliver efficient and adaptive business processes, today and tomorrow!

Visionet’s business process automation services combine analytics and intelligence with our industry knowledge. We help you decide the roadmap and the right technologies no matter wherever you’re on your automation journey. 

Business Process Management

Platform driven automation of human and system centric business process


Decision Management Centralised

Implementation of operational rules for enterprise-wide reuse


Enterprise Content Management

Implementation of centralised content management platform with workflow enabled governance

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Robotics Process Automation

Implementation of process automation for human-centric processes involving repeated tasks


Hyper Automation Services

Process Automation with AI/ML – Cognitive capabilities for next level of automation


Low Code App Development

Enabling shift left in enterprises to empower business users with low-code/no-code automation


Process Modelling

Services for process discovery, feasibility analysis, ROI calculation and eventual modelling of processes


Process Mining

Automated process mining frameworks to assist organisations find candidate automation use cases

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Automate Integrations to Improve Application Speed and Quality

Visionet offers a full range of consulting, implementation and support services across your enterprise integration and APIs need to help you accelerate time-to-market and reduce IT costs and complexities.

Application Integration

Visionet helps you improve the interoperability of different applications and systems. Roll out value-added features and connect apps and systems with Visionet seasoned enterprise integration professionals.

API Economy

With Visionet, you can drive faster innovation by seamlessly connecting internal and external ecosystems and tapping new revenue streams with a powerful API economy.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Integration of all workloads, including on-premise as well as hybrid and multi-cloud.

Integration Governance

Governance and visibility into integration assets for enterprise-wide re-use.

Integration Modernisation

We design IT architectures, develop corresponding transformation roadmaps, and ensure enterprise readiness to migrate existing integrations to the cloud in on-prem and cloud environments.

Log Monitoring

End-to-end visibility into workloads flowing across organisation for operational efficiencies.


Asynchronous messaging capabilities for guaranteed delivery, Big Data, Data Integration.


Event-driven, pub-sub style communication, streaming data capabilities.

Full-scale API Lifecycle

Visionet with its over 30 API experts, help you design, deliver, monetise and monitor APIs. We offer a full range of developer portal services to boost the usability and reusability of your APIs

Gearing Towards The Next Normal

AI-powered automation is changing the way businesses operate and helping them achieve the desired objectives. Smart tools and technologies such as text extraction, conversational intelligence, and decision management are helping humans automate mundane tasks and focus their energies on business-critical initiatives. This innovation is empowering enterprises to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging smart automation. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

Our Integrations Capabilities

Enterprise application integration methods to power your organisation

Application Integration

Directly connect pairs of business applications

Service-Oriented Architecture

Efficient communication between multiple applications and formats

Open APIs

Secure, governable, and monetisable integration with third parties


Scalable and agile integration with resilient independent services

Messaging and Streaming

The heart of integration – reliably moves information payloads

Data Integration

Fault-tolerant batch transfer for low workload hours

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The Visionet’s Differentiator

We combine the power of IBM technologies with our unique intelligence, capabilities and industry knowledge to simplify the complext integration intiatives.

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A Structured Hyper-Automation Journey

Frameworks and Add-Ons to Integrate Custom Codes Seamlessly

Why Visionet?

Insight Driven

We use the power of research, customer needs assessment, and analytics to uncover insights that lead to a transformational change

User Centric

We create user experiences that entice and educate customers to optimize their experience

Systematically Tested

We validate our solution by testing each system with real users and customers to produce exceptional outcomes

Financially Impactful

We deliver work that has an immediate, substantial and sustained impact on your bottom line

Optimise And Monetise Your Data

Visionet’s enterprise application integration services help you control complexity, improve efficiency, shorten time to market, and identify new revenue streams.

Skills And Tools to Secure Your Integration Investment

Visionet’s proven application support services monitor your integrations, proactively identify workload changes, and continually optimise performance.

Cross-Platform Expertise to Unify Business Systems

A one-stop shop for all your enterprise application integration needs, Visionet uses leading tools and methods to implement and optimise your integrations.

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Automate integrations to improve application speed and quality

Businesses are on a break-neck journey to digital transformation. But speed without the right approach will only get you to the wrong place faster. Download this infographic to learn more.

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