Explore Intelligent Process Automation to Bring in Efficiency, Productivity, and Accuracy in Your Business Operations

Uplift the complex banking processes and delight your customers with the power of Intelligent Process Automation.

Streamline Banking Operations, Enhance Customer Experience, and Enable Compliance with Intelligent Process Automation

To remain competitive in an increasingly tech-savvy financial services system, banks and financial institutions are adopting automation to enrich the user experience. In a highly regulated industry, automation increase the accuracy and quality of compliance. They significantly help organizations in streamlining the repetitive back-office processes. Visonet’s AI infused Intelligent Process Automation solutions help in eliminating errors and delays in the processes and make you ready to scale faster – all by enhancing operational efficiencies and realizing significant cost savings.

“Successful implementation of IPA can improve output quality levels by 35%”


Source: Research Business Technographics® Forrester

Explore the power of Visionet’s RPA Solutions

Automating people-intensive backend processes

Digital workforce implementations to support end-to-end process automation

Sales analytics and Consumer behavior analytics from structured/unstructured data sources


Visionet’s Intelligent Process Automation Solutions for Banking & Financial Services

Scale operational Efficiency in the Processes

Automate the manual, repetitive tasks, add speed and accuracy to complex banking operations across accounts, lending, mortgage, payments, and customer service.

Increase Workforce Productivity & Reduce Costs

Leverage automation in hiring the best talent; automate manual tasks and free-up workforce for valuable tasks.

Improve Regulatory Reporting and Mitigate Risks

Track multiple regulatory changes, use AI to identify risks, devise customized workflows enabling compliance.

Achieve Accuracy in Document Processing with AI Models

DocVu.AI a cloud-based, AI powered document processing solution which improves quality, reduces manual efforts and shortens closing cycles.

Revitalize the Customer Service

Leverage data and AI-enabled automation to improve all aspects of the customer experience from initial onboarding, KYC to account updates and managing contact center.

Detect and Minimize Frauds and AML

Automate multiple manual touch points in fraudulent transactions notification process and eliminate financial crimes.

The key initiatives for RPA implementation

Highly manual and repetitive processes

Rules based processes

Processes with low exception rate

Processes with standard readable electronic Input type

High volume of repeatable tasks

Stable processes and underlying applications

Processes performed by large teams

Automate all the above key initiatives with RPA and reduce your workload costs by 80%.

Customer Success Stories

Intelligent Document Processing

End-to-end automation of document processing using RPA and M/L models for a leading US based Title & Settlement company.

Initial Disclosures

Automation of the initial disclosures process for a leading US based lender that processes over 600 loans per month – bringing down the time of initial disclosures from 10 minutes to 60-75 seconds.

Escrow Payments

Automation of the lengthy and cumbersome escrow payments process for an American mortgage firm that processes over 3000 payments per month resulting in error free processing of each record in 10 seconds.

Account Statement & Password Change

300% increase in efficiency in managing account statement and password change requests for a top South Asian commercial bank.

Customer Service

200% increase in productivity in managing the customer queries by using automation of downloads of customer audio voice calls for a European bank.


Consulting & Advisory Services

Custom Development & Product Implementation Services

Managed Services & Enhancement/Support

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Popular Use Cases for RPA in Banking & Financial Services


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