Senior Software Engineer


Software Engineering


Tampa, FL


Full Time

Experience Level:


Job Description

Senior Software Engineer, with the following duties:

1)Design and develop solutions for complex business problems in Cloud, BI and integration based application.

2)Design, implement, test, debug and troubleshoot application using Microsoft.Net, SQL Server 2016, Visual Studio 2019, Azure, MS BizTalk Server, SSIS and BI Reporting.

3)Architecture, technical analysis and design for EDI based Integration Middleware.

4)Provide functional and analytical review, sign off on technical designs before presenting to customer.

5)Create and review unit test plans.

6)Perform Code reviews.

7)Develop training plans for new solution components.

8)Manage estimating and plan complex project activities and resource scheduling.

9)Supervise software development activities, conduct code reviews and provide guidance to development team in order to carry out the work. Manage escalations, issue resolution and corrective action planning.

Educational Requirements:

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

Work Experience Requirements:

2 years of experience in the offered position, or in the alternate job title of Senior Software Engineer, or a related occupation.

Skillset Requirements:

2 years in the following skill set:


2.Microsoft Azure

3.MS BizTalk Server.

4.SQL server reporting services.

5.SQL server integration services

Employer will accept any suitable combination of education, training, or experience.

Job site:

15310 Amberly Drive, Tampa, Fl 33647. The job is currently located in Tampa, FL. There is a possibility of relocation to other unanticipated sites throughout the U.S.

The position is 40 hours per week, 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.