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About Live Commerce

Live Commerce is the manifestation of Visionet’s promise to revolutionize customer experience through product innovation and experience design. It is a live streaming marketplace where sellers can create their shopping channels and host live streaming shows to sell directly to a global audience. The platform is built around three imperatives:

Seller Scalability
Human Connection
Shopper Convenience

The Live Commerce journey involves three key actors

  • Set up livestreams
  • Get real-time engagement metrics
  • Deliver a fully- branded experience
  • Encourage impulse buying

  • Showcase and review products
  • View reactions and comments
  • Engage with live shoppers
  • Get insightful event analytics

  • Join streams to shop live
  • Get rewarded for interactions
  • Browse product catalogs
  • Complete purchases seamlessly

Discover our comprehensive Live Commerce platform

Why Live Commerce

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Brand-owned shopping experience

Retain your brand experience fully. Moderate chats & interactions and own real-time data analytics.

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Seamless quick impulse buying

Make impulse buying effortless through in-video high-speed checkout without leaving the experience.

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eCommerce integration

Integrate with your existing eCommerce platform and sync product feed seamlessly.

Discover the new growth engine for eCommerce sales

Modern shoppers are now looking for more interactive, engaging, and enriched shopping experiences which include live product reviews and demonstrations. Hence, livestream eCommerce sales continue to enjoy explosive global growth and an increasing share of online purchases. Progressive eCommerce businesses are quickly adopting live streaming as their preferred selling channel to engage more directly with shoppers.

Engage customers at scale, improve brand experience, and increase conversion rate by up to 30%

Move inventory faster, outperform the competition, and empower store associates with digital tools

Go live quickly with native connectors for your eCommerce and payment platforms

Customer Success Stories

Learn how Visionet and Microsoft have empowered organizations around the world to overcome the most pressing business challenges.

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Empowering Decision Making and Reimagining Productivity in Life Sciences

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Virtual Try-On Mirrors Boost Conversion

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Global Reinsurer

“Live shopping and social retail are the future for eCommerce.” – Forbes


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