Dynamics 365 Finance

Enhance your financial spectrum

Leverage Predictive AI

Minimize operational expenses

With advanced AI/ML technology, you can simplify your financial processes on the precipice of digital transformation.

Make data-informed decisions

Predictive AI allows you to seek proactive guidance for finance management by increasing your profits.

Meaningful customer relationships

With predictive AI, you can garner data to induce meaningful and actionable decisions which can be used to develop meaningful customer relationships.

Optimized Financial Operations

Cost reduction

Eliminate redundant resources in your business and minimize the running costs through optimized workflows.

Intelligent budgeting and forecasting

Using AI, you can intelligently budget and develop forecasting models that will improve your financial operations.

Role-based workspaces

Deploy intuitive role-based workspaces and increase the overall productivity through optimized work management.

Augmented Processes

Automated credit and collections

Higher visibility for compact control parameters that allow faster collections and minimized bad debts.

Automated vendor invoicing

Deploy automated, touchless vendor invoicing that is able to improve business processes in higher speeds and efficiencies.

Streamlined revenue recognition

Streamline revenue recognition in a rapidly evolving and complex market.


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