Enable Smarter Selling

Advanced Opportunity Scoring

Enable smarter selling through advanced opportunity scoring, which helps sales teams prioritize their efforts by identifying the most promising sales opportunities. By analyzing historical data and customer interactions, Microsoft's AI-powered solutions can accurately predict which deals are most likely to close, allowing sales teams to focus their time and resources on the right prospects.

Strong Customer Relationships

This is crucial to successful selling. Microsoft solutions help sales teams build and maintain those relationships through powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tools. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, sales teams can track customer interactions, monitor customer feedback, and use data analytics to gain insights into customer needs and preferences, allowing them to tailor their sales approach for each individual customer.

Optimized Emails

Microsoft solutions provide a range of features to help sales reps create and send effective sales emails. With Microsoft Outlook and Dynamics 365, sales teams can use templates, track email opens and clicks, and even get AI-powered suggestions for the best time to send emails. By optimizing their email communication, sales teams can improve response rates and drive more sales.

Build Relationships with Personal Engagement

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Data-Driven Relationship Selling

Unify relationship data and processes so sellers can build trust and manage relationships at scale.

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Personalized Content

Collaborate and personalize sales documents with embedded Office 365 tools that fit the way sellers work.

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Clear View of Organizational Structure

Keep track of relationships between account contacts to identify potential stakeholders and influencers.

Boost Sales Productivity

Familiar tools

Microsoft solutions such as Dynamics 365 Sales boost sales productivity by providing familiar tools such as Microsoft Office and Outlook that integrate with the sales process. This enables sales teams to easily access and update customer information from within their daily tools, without having to switch between applications.

Frictionless Collaboration

It is essential for boosting sales productivity, and Dynamics 365 Sales provides this through integration with Microsoft Teams. Sales teams can easily collaborate and share information with colleagues, partners, and customers in real-time, leading to faster sales cycles and improved customer experiences.

Strong Partner Connections

It is vital to boosting sales productivity, and Dynamics 365 Sales provides seamless integration with partner tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This integration enables sales teams to access rich data and insights on potential customers, helping them to identify and engage with the right prospects at the right time. Additionally, Dynamics 365 Sales enables businesses to manage and track partner relationships and performance, leading to more effective partnerships and increased revenue.

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