Demand for IT skills to rise as companies embrace digital in post COVID-19 era

By June 5, 2020 June 26th, 2020

Friday, June 5, 2020, Bengaluru – The “what” and “how” of companies’ digital transformation agenda has completely shifted over these past months. Digital technology has transitioned from “good to have access to” to “the only way to ensure business continuity.” Multiple IT companies are helping other sectors, such as healthcare industry, retail, financial institutions, etc. to seamlessly undergo a digital transformation.

Visionet Systems India has helped over 34 clients to embrace digital transformation during the pandemic. “The companies that went digital were from sectors like retail, manufacturing, insurance, mortgage services, banks, financial institutions, and chemical,” said Alok Bansal, MD, Visionet Systems India.

Analysts believe the post-COVID world is an opportunity for businesses to truly become digital. “Digital has hardly scratched the surface, with 80-90% of the companies doing only basics like moving to the cloud, mobile apps, or putting their products and services on website…The main concept of digital business is merging the physical and digital world into something that creates new revenue streams, new customer segments, or drives new customer experience,” said Arup Roy, Research Vice President, Gartner.

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