How AI Can Help HR Design a Personalised Employee Experience


How AI Can Help HR Design a Personalised Employee Experience

According to BambooHR survey, which cited the most common reasons of people leaving a new job within first six months of hiring, 17% of employees say a smile from a co-worker might have made all the difference. Another 23% agreed that they might have stayed if the managers had communicated better while 21% blamed poor on-job training.

An employee quitting the organisation after a long search is perhaps every Human Resources Manager’s nightmare and hence, they are looking towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools with a hope to solve their problem.

But, how does AI fit into the equation? How can it be applied to give a personalised experience to employees? Let’s first understand what AI is.

Artificial Intelligence

With highspeed computation, advanced algorithms and a huge amount of quality data, AI is taking all the industries by storm. AI is that tool which is used to do a task that requires a high level of intelligence to accomplish, which, an ordinary tool/software cannot do.

AI has huge scope to improve HR functions. “Like what?” you might think. It can improve anything including self-service transactions, payroll, reporting and recruiting and talent acquisition. HR managers can benefit by incorporating AI into HR functions. It will improve the overall employee experience and can even help the HR leaders get rid of their employee churn related nightmares.

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