Visionet enhances innovative solution for PowerBuilder modernization to J2EE

Visionet enhances innovative solution for PowerBuilder modernization to J2EE

Jan 27

Visionet Systems, Inc. a technology company long known for its deep software re-engineering experience, has announced the launch of its innovation solution that converts PowerBuilder to support the newer and preferred J2EE architecture. Building on their first legacy conversion for RPG and AS/400 conversions back in 1995, Visionet has two decades of experience with legacy migrations. Its code conversion and migration toolsets have helped a number of customers across the world to modernize their legacy applications.
While no large scale quality migration can be fully automated, Visionet’s toolset continues to provide significant lift recognizing the complexities of digital, mobile and Cloud based architecture paradigm. VisiCodeMiner is designed to harvest the logic out of legacy platforms like PowerBuilder and it helps with the conversion to J2EE architecture. Some of its innovative features of VisiCodeMiner include:

  • HTML5 Generator – converts the PowerBuilder visual objects into HTML5 and packages them as HTML pages.
  • HTML Integration – generated HTML pages can be integrated not only with ASP.NET or JSP but can also be integrated with any UI framework like ANGULAR JS or EMBER JS. Isomorphic scripting is used for validation.
  • J2EE Translator – Works on the output of the AA and SA to generate the Java code. The translator is enhanced to use SPRING Boot/J2EE architecture (Spring 3 MVC) for backend processing. As PowerBuilder is tightly integrated with database layer and operations are mostly synchronous, so when migration to JAVA platform, a mechanism is auto-generated for handling not only synchronous calls but also asynchronous calls. For data access layer JPA is used and data is exposed through web services which are JSON compliant.

“Such legacy platform conversions require huge efforts and can be costly. Visionet continues to offer its innovative and affordable technologies to help its customers modernize their legacy stack efficiently while lowering the costs and deliver a high ROI. Visionet can also provide VisiCodeMiner and its services at fixed price turnkey basis to make the PowerBuilder to J2EE conversions.” said Arshad Masood, CEO – Visionet.
About Visionet Systems
Visionet Systems, Inc. is a globally recognized leader of the next-generation IT and technology-led BPO services, which are built on the best-of-breed philosophy. Since its inception, the company has constantly reinvented itself every few years and today, it stands as innovative company that has taken the center stage in Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing.
For the past two decades, the company’s battle-tested methodology and wealth of experience have helped its customers increase business agility, drive down costs, and reduce risks. Its vast list of customers features several Fortune 500 companies, government and corporate entities. Visionet comprises of a large technology-agnostic workforce that is focused to provide a great customer experience.