Visionet launches a cloud-based automated mortgage document indexing and data extraction service

By February 4, 2014 May 8th, 2019

Visionet Systems, Inc., is among the first Amazon Web Services partners to gain public designation as a Standard Technology Partner, today announced the public launch of VisiOCR – a cloud-based automated mortgage document indexing and data extraction service for lenders, servicers, settlement companies and investors.

Visionet deployed its first secure cloud-based solution three years ago and currently supports more than a thousand cloud-based users who are processing millions of mortgage related documents every month. Visionet has also perfected the free form text based indexing and data extraction for mortgage documents over the last fifteen years. The cloud-based technology allows lenders, from large to small scale, to deploy world-class technology at a minimal transaction based fee. No new hardware or software is needed to benefit from our years of specialized experience with the following simple steps:

  • Upload the scanned documents in any format though a secure connection to Amazon Cloud
  • Index the file into as many buckets as desired
  • Capture relevant data in desired format
  • Download indexed documents and data or securely sharing it with partners

“Our mortgage focus has resulted in best in class cloud-based technology for our customers. The entire process takes a couple of minutes saving precious time and money while improving accuracy. Its market-leading price point for a fully indexed file is the proof of our technical prowess and value proposition.”, said Mr. Arshad Masood, CEO, Visionet Systems, Inc.

About Visionet Systems, Inc.

Cranbury, N.J.-based Visionet Systems, Inc. is a full service consulting and business process outsourcing company that delivers products in the best-of-breed philosophy. Visionet helps lenders identify solutions to improve profitability through removing inefficient business processes and technologies. For more information, visit, or call 609-452-0700.

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