Visionet Modernizes Rockler’s Omni-channel Capabilities for Customer Success

Visionet Modernizes Rockler’s Omni-channel Capabilities for Customer Success

Jun 12

IT Solutions provider Visionet helps woodworking retailer streamline its eCommerce infrastructure for enhanced insights and customer service.

CRANBURY, N.J., Jun 12, 2023 -- Visionet, a digitally-enabled solutions provider that innovates, designs, and delivers cloud-native products and services, announces the successful rollout of Rockler Woodworking and Hardware’s digital transformation efforts with its various sales channels. Visionet collaborated with Rockler in a digital overhaul of Rockler's legacy ERP infrastructure and Point-of-Sale System. Visionet modernized Rockler’s business processes, paving the way for Rockler to succeed in its transformation, better serve its customers, and deliver superior business outcomes.

While “Customer-First" has always been Rockler’s approach, aligning its IT systems with this vision became a priority in 2019. Rockler looked to modernize their various commerce operations and customer experience to ensure loyalty and a hassle-free shopping experience. Visionet has a proven record delivering clients’ software goals in analytics, end-to-end integration capabilities and customer service. Rockler also noted Visionet's holistic approach towards integrated solutions coupled with its expertise in retail as key factors in the selection process. The IT solutions provider was engaged by Rockler in 2022.

"Visionet’s team communicated well with Rockler. A synergy developed between the two that made it easy to understand the fundamental issues that Rockler was facing" said Jawad Khan, President IT Solutions & Services, North America. "The team was instrumental in taking Rockler’s systems to the next level because they understood the challenges related to direct-to-consumer retail models. They were able to assist Rockler in choosing solutions that really suited their business goals.”

By leveraging the best technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and customized business solutions like PartnerLinQ, Visionet provided Rockler with a centralized platform for managing operations and ensured accurate and up-to-date data through integration with third-party systems.

The digital transformation and modernization of Rockler's direct-to-consumer work included a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce implementation for order management, call center, eCommerce channels, and retail point of sale systems.

Third-party integrations and data migrations, as well as EDI integrations using PartnerLinQ IP were conducted. The customer experience angle was covered by Visionet delivering a seamless experience across all channels and integrating "Curbside Pickup" and "Buy-Online-Pickup-in-Store" (BOPIS) capabilities.

The successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce and the use of the Design by Success framework and PartnerLinQ IP delivered significant value to Rockler.

“Our systems are visibly improved”, remarked Sr. Director of IT of Rockler, Greg Guentzel. "Visionet’s solutions have resulted in a streamlining of operations, consolidating internal data silos and system maintenance, increased ROI, and, most importantly, great customer experience. As a direct-to-consumer company, this was absolutely essential for us.”

Rockler’s fully modernized IT systems are now primed for business excellence and resilience. The soon-to-be 70-year-old company is equipped to provide stellar customer service to its existing clients and attract a new generation of savvy woodworkers.

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About Rockler

Founded in 1954, Rockler is a multi-channel retailer of woodworking tools, hardware, lumber, and supplies. Headquartered in Minnesota, Rockler is one of the largest online resources for woodworkers with over 60 retail operations in the U.S. and Canada. It also sells wholesale to select domestic and international retailers and distributors.