Visionet Systems hosts live webinar “Doing It Right – The Cloud Native Way”

September 17, 2020

Visionet Systems hosts live webinar “Doing It Right – The Cloud Native Way”

September 17, 2020 – Visionet Systems hosted live webinar “Doing It Right – The Cloud Native Way”. The event focused on getting a better understanding of cloud native – the latest trend in cloud computing – and how enterprises can realize its many benefits.
The webinar started with a presentation by Kunya Baramy, Visionet’s Head of Cloud Services, where he highlighted how the majority of clients go for the traditional lift and shift model for migrating to the cloud and how they build applications by leveraging the legacy mindset, which leads to scalability and performance issues. The discussion was centered on how Visionet, with the help of Tenovos, brought in better scalability and better cost control by leveraging the cloud as its true citizen rather than just another real estate of data center.
Usman Ahmed, Head of Application Development and Maintenance, Visionet Systems, Inc., then took over the session. He shared Visionet’s entire journey with Tenovos and the importance of scalability and flexibility of any architectural design to support business goals. He explained the difference between monolithic applications and microservices, stating that the goal is to replace or add any one component or module without affecting the rest of the system.
Zeki Mokhtarzada, the Chief Technical Officer of Tenovos, was also present as a guest speaker; he shared how cloud-native services enable them to design a platform that can scale limitlessly. He also detailed the benefits of microservices where two teams can work on different services that can be deployed and used independently. Furthermore, he emphasized on effective security management as the company is gathering assets from numerous clients.
The experts also diligently talked about the challenges and pitfalls of cloud migration, and how could one overcome them.

Watch the full webinar here

The event was first in a series of live webinars on cloud computing planned by Visionet. Realizing the potential of the cloud, the US-based company has developed a robust cloud services portfolio and is currently providing cutting-edge cloud services and solutions to its clientele. With these webinars, the company intends to share its deep expertise in what is considered by many as the future of enterprise IT.
Innovations in cloud technology like cloud native, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud are continuing to take digital transformation by storm. App development is more agile as it takes place in scalable, containerized environments. Cloud adoption approach stresses that organizations take on an application-centric and native adoption mindset instead of shifting their existing problems to the cloud.
Gartner predicts that enterprise IT spending for cloud-based offerings will grow faster than traditional, non-cloud offerings through 2022, further arguing that “organizations without a cloud-first strategy – where the cloud is primary, prioritized and promoted – will likely fall behind competitors.”

About Visionet Systems, Inc.

Visionet Systems is a full-service IT consulting and services company serving global brands in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA. For more than 25 years, it has delivered digital solutions and services that help clients increase agility, reduce costs and minimize business risk. With the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and Blockchain, Visionet helps companies worldwide with digital transformation and creates decisive competitive advantages through holistic solutions.
Backed by top-tier partnerships with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google and a proven track record of delivering more than 200 successful cloud programs, the company has helped its clients accelerate native cloud adoption.
Visionet has six locations worldwide and more than 5000 employees. The headquarters is located in Cranbury, USA. For more information, visit