Visionet to Launch New Offerings at MBA Tech Show

Visionet to Launch New Offerings at MBA Tech Show

Apr 19

Visionet Systems Inc., a global services provider to a number of industries including the US home finance business, announced today that the company would be hosting a booth at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Technology Solutions Conference & Expo, taking place April 15-18, 2018 in Detroit. While at the event, Visionet executives will be discussing the company’s new “zero cost technology” offerings.

“The work we do in the mortgage lending industry is too complex for traditional business process outsourcing; this work requires sophisticated technology,” said Alok Bansal, Managing Director at Visionet Systems. “If lenders are required to invest in those tools before they outsource it will quickly become a losing proposition. On the other hand, if they don’t outsource the work that will take them away from winning new business, they will lose out to more nimble competitors. We have the solution to this dilemma and we’ll be meeting with lenders at the upcoming conference to discuss it.”

Visionet is the first company offering “zero cost technology” as part of its solutions across multiple domains, including Title & Settlement, Underwriters, Appraisal Management Companies and Lenders. In addition to this disruptive innovation, Visionet executives will also be providing information on several company offerings at the show, including:


A handheld loan origination experience for borrowers, giving them easy access to the home buying process. Using the app on their mobile devices, borrowers can apply for loans, securely scan and upload documents, and track the status of their loan. The solution can be easily integrated into the lender’s existing Loan Origination System. Also, LoanVelocity comes with a back-end portal, an omnichannel communications platform and access to Visionet’s industry-leading mortgage outsourcing services to help accelerate originations.

Digital QC

Complete pre-funding underwriting QC to ensure every loan meets wholesale lender requirements. The platform ensures that every analyst follows the same QC process across the globe. It tracks the analyst output in the background, providing a mobile report every morning with a quick overview of the process.

OCR for Mortgage Document Processing

Auto-indexing and data extraction services using Optical Character Recognition technology to significantly accelerate lender performance. The company has achieved 99.5 percent accuracy in outputs by tuning the OCR engine for mortgage business rules.


An enterprise class solution to facilitate quality control and compliance across all channels to ensure regulatory compliance, monitor doc-to-data integrity, perform special loan audits and facilitate loan boarding. A fully integrated High-Cost Lending Review and remediation module is also available.

For more information about any of these offerings or to meet with the Visionet team at MBA Tech in Detroit, contact the company today.

About Visionet Systems Inc.

Visionet Systems, Inc. is a leading services provider to the Mortgage and related industries. Through its digitally powered outsourcing services and technology innovations, it helps mortgage businesses transform their operations and scale their business effectively. As a part of mortgage processing services, Visionet delivers digital disruption by being the first company to offer zero cost technology as a part of its industry solutions. The company’s technology products complement its top of the line mortgage outsourcing services. For more information, visit us online at www.visionet.com.