Oil & Gas


Oil and Gas

Visionet’s Oil & Gas services currently process natural gas charts. Our employees have received extensive training in the procedures required to integrate charts, and interpret data available on the gas charts, in order to produce accurate and timely volume statements for our client.

Gas Chart Integration is digitally processing raw data from the charts that are critical for the gas and petroleum industry. Digitization of the charts helps keep track of each and every gas chart through proper back-up procedures even after the wear and tear of the original paper charts.


Visionet’s client provides data processing and information management services to the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry in Canada & USA. Visionet is contracted to effectively manage our Client’s production measurement data on their proprietary software. This data management includes the processes of chart editing (integration) and quality check (review). A number of batches containing charts are uploaded by the client each day. These contain images of scanned graphs/charts with statistical information. Chart analysts read the charts, digitize the scanned traces on the chart by following the scanned and traced lines and enter the available data on each chart into the required fields, comparimng with known recorder well history to ensure consistency and quality. They complete all available graphs in a similar pattern. This information derives gas volume which is then used by the client and its end users/customers to obtain figures for the production data of individual gas meters/wells.


Visionet’s accuracy has always exceeded client expectation and we have been consistently delivering an accuracy of 98% in this process. We strive to offer the best possible chart integration solutions with experienced people working since 2005 on this process as well as using the latest technological advancements in scanned image processing with a response time within 24-48 hours. Based on the consistent quality production, the client has been increasing our monthly inflow of charts.

Going the extra mile

We do our best to get the volume data delivered within the quickest response time, so that the client can meet its own deadlines. Our dedicated IT staff specializes in delivering custom solutions specific to your needs providing a robust and cost-effective gas chart processing solution, with dedicated server and 24X5 coverage, scalable up to 24X7.

Visionet’s Oil & Gas Services

  • Gas Chart Integration
  • Gas Chart Review

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