We demystify cloud adoption and help you select relevant cloud enablement services that align with your business vision and application portfolio, reduce IT costs, and improve team productivity and business agility

Cloud Security
ID Management & Security
Economically implement secure identity, access rights, multi-factor authentication, and SSO to secure and streamline access to your applications.
Team Productivity
Team Productivity
Deploy office productivity apps to enable knowledge-sharing, automate business tasks, boost team efficiency, and improve customer response time.
Optimize continuous feature delivery with source control, automated testing, infrastructure as code, auto-scaling, and fault-tolerant deployment.
Cloud for Data
Cloud for Data
Create a data lake, securely store and share documents and logs, run processing workloads, and apply machine learning for valuable insights.
Containerized Custom Apps
Containerized Custom Apps
Move your applications to the cloud, not servers. Leverage PaaS to host your application with little or no modifications.
Cloud-Native App Development
Cloud-Native App Development
Develop secure, high-performance, cost-effective, scalable applications with microservices, service bus, containers, and advanced cloud services.
Cloud workload
Hybrid Workload Monitoring
Use cloud-based monitoring tools to keep an eye on cloud and on-premises workloads, and address failures before they impact business.
Cloud log analytics
Automation & Log Analytics
Automate your metered cloud resources for optimal utilization. Gather and analyze operational data for deeper insight into application usage.
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Use cloud as your tape drive that achieves your RTO and RPO goals without fail.
Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization

Visionet provides insight into how your cloud consumption relates to your workloads using custom-built dashboards that:

  • Provide week-over-week comparative analysis to track cloud utilization
  • Provide a breakdown of cloud costs between computing and product licenses to identify where you can use a hybrid licensing approach to save money
  • Distribute cloud costs to department, team, projects, etc. for better visibility and control
  • Analyze allocated vs. used computing and storage capacity to eliminate waste
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  • Set your monthly cloud budget and track usage at a glance
  • Detect changes in the cost composition of your cloud services
  • Identify unneccessary spending and underutilized resources
  • Quickly identify top contributors to your cloud costs
Cloud Budget
Cloud Services
Cloud Cost Optimization

Optimize Resource Provisioning

Visionet cloud cost optimization tools and services allow you to effectively control your cloud budget and realize promised cost savings

  • Sophisticated analytics track resource consumption over time
  • Set budgets at the department, project, and application level to project your worldview onto your cloud subscription
  • Automated alerts prevent runaway costs from breaking your budgets
  • Template-based provisioning promotes standardization within your organization
  • Approval workflows provide control over resource provisioning
Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Administration and Support Services

Visionet can reduce your cloud administration and support costs by as much as 50% through its innovative practices and deep experience in developing and deploying cloud-based solutions
  • Global infrastructure
  • Modern admin tools
  • 24×7 monitoring and support
  • Clearly defined SLAs
  • Skilled support teams

Cloud strategy and assessment

Visionet’s cloud consultants help you avoid common cloud adoption challenges and pitfalls by:
  • Crafting a cloud adoption strategy, cost-benefit analysis, and IT roadmap
  • Recommending the best cloud platform for your needs; targeted selection of PaaS and IaaS best suited for your workloads and LOB solutions
  • Determining the degree of infrastructural complexity that’s right for your needs

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