We demystify cloud adoption and help you select relevant cloud services that align with your business vision and applications portfolio to reduce IT costs and improve team productivity and business agility

SaaS Implementation
Efficient implementation of out-of-the-box SaaS products
Thunder-move Expertise
Migration (lift-and-shift)
Effective and seamless migration of on-premises information and applications to laaS, PaaS, or SaaS cloud solutions
Application Development
Design and rollout of high-ROI solutions that leverage cloud infrastructure and services
Integration Services
Establishing seamless and secure communication between on-premises and cloud resources to unify operations and distribute workloads
Unifying development and operations teams for improved scalability, collaboration, and security by automating end-to-end software delivery
Disaster Recovery
Provisioning cloud-based disaster recovery sites for on-premises solutions to ensure business continuity

Cloud enablement helps your organization:

  • Greatly improve time to value using rapidly-deploying compute, storage, and network resources for your Internet and customer-facing digital solutions
  • Automatically scale your IT resources up and down to match actual workloads in near-real time to optimize cost and performance
  • Minimize capital expenses and upfront spending with a pay-what-you-use subscription model
  • Improve solution availability and resilience by replicating business information across global regions
  • Enhance information security with standards-compliant InfoSec practices
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Cloud management and support

Visionet provides high-value cloud administration and cloud support services that ensure that your cloud solutions continue to operate efficiently and without disruption
  • Global infrastructure
  • Modern admin tools
  • 24×7 monitoring and support
  • Clearly defined SLAs
  • Skilled support teams

Cloud strategy and assessment

Visionet’s cloud consultants help you avoid common cloud adoption challenges and pitfalls by:
  • Crafting a cloud adoption strategy, cost-benefit analysis, and IT roadmap
  • Recommending the best cloud platform for your needs; targeted selection of PaaS and IaaS best suited for your workloads and LOB solutions
  • Determining the degree of infrastructural complexity that’s right for your needs

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