Real Estate Owned Services


Real Estate Owned Management Services


Our services extend into the REO space. Our team is skilled at meticulously monitoring the assets at every stage including Property Management, BPOs, Listing, Closing, Title and Settlement activities. We have the tools and expertise to monitor the stages of the REO lifecycle from simple data entry of the inspection/BPO to managing the entire asset.

Our process involves identifying and engaging with the top vendors in the market and we are committed to high quality and swift delivery. We employ some of the most advanced technology and software. Both clients and vendors are able to access our system and receive reports in real time. We are committed to aligning with each company’s requirements and each specific Federal regulation.

Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible, so that you can be armed with the proper knowledge to make the most informed decision. Additionally, we aim to help you maximize the return to the investors through efficiently managing the properties, pinpointing the most appropriate value for the property, and by assisting in reducing disposition timeframe. Our services span the whole arena of your operations, and we aim to assist and approve as many as we possibly can. Areas include cost, productivity, timelines, quality of service, and automation.

In order to deliver superior services to our clients we employ six sigma and lean techniques in our operations. We have also perfected a multitude of value added services. These services include: identifying your best performers, segmenting field staff on performance levels, charting appropriate training requirements, providing key inputs on process health, performing requisite dip checks whenever required, identifying the outlier transactions, and many others.

Our Spectrum

Technology Led BPO Solutions

We provide customized services to each and every entity in the REO space. We not only help our customers to stay ahead in the race, but also provide them great value proposition by leveraging our software for providing best in class service. Our integrated solution simplifies the ordering and managing of all products and services and drives informed business decisions. Click here to know on our REO technology. Our expert transition methodology ensures that we lift, shift and run your operations seamlessly.

Our Commitment

  • Efficient services at highly affordable costs
  • State of the art technology and real time delivery of reports
  • Dedicated and meticulous staff catering to your data entry / Asset Management requirements

Our Services

Property Management Functions

  • Inspection Services
  • Initial Services
  • Property Repairs
  • Code Violation Resolution
  • Vacant Property Registration
  • Utility Turn On
  • Utility Bills Management
  • Termite Inspection and Report Preparation
  • Managing Seasonal activities such as Grass Cuts and Winterizations

Appraisal Functions

  • Obtaining Property Information from MLS
  • Obtaining comparable property Information on closed and Listed Properties
  • Verifying information with Public records
  • Data entry of reports / fields into client systems
  • Vendor Management functions for Appraisal

Broker Related Functions

  • Listing of Property in MLS
  • Managing Property Expiry
  • Preparing Monthly reports on property
  • Drawing up the contracts with potential customers
  • Coordination with Property Management companies, Appraisers in getting required work done on the property.

Closing , Title and Settlement related functions

  • Title searches
  • Lien Searches
  • Tax Searches
  • Title Curative functions
  • Coordination with Buyers Agent and Listing agents
  • Document Preparation
  • Post Closing Review
  • Escrow Management
  • Preparation of HUD

Vendor Management Functions

  • Vendor Recruitment
  • Vendor Training
  • Order Allocation
  • Order Follow-ups
  • Order Scrutiny
  • Order Updating onto System
  • Monitoring Vendor Performance, TAT and Quality

Visionet offers a comprehensive range of solutions and services for mortgage and title firms. To learn more, please visit the Visionet Mortgage microsite.