Cloud Migration Services

Make your move to the cloud with confidence and bring agility and scalability into your business

Visionet cloud migration services help organizations evolve through a combination of cloud knowledge and software-enabled automation. Our smart cloud migration methodology aids in lowering costs and streamlining the procedure – enabling you to take full advantage of the cloud technology in the most effective way.  

Our services accelerate the time to value of the cloud so that businesses of any size can take full benefit and get better outcomes right away by codifying our expertise, maturity, and experience. We take great satisfaction in giving exceptional value to our all clients, and we do this by offering cloud migration services that enable clients to switch from their on-premises data centers to a public cloud.

How we Help?

Our services provide an all-inclusive migration solution where we collaborate with your team throughout the migration process to reduce organizational risk and boost your trust in the public cloud. We posses the right knowledge and resources necessary to be your go-to partner and your dependable counsel throughout the duration of your modernization project.


Determination of your system’s current situation in order to assess the cloud readiness, its cost, and offer recommendations on best practices for minimizing risk and maximizing the advantages of cloud adoption.


A cloud infrastructure paradigm with a well-architected cloud structure, security, access, networking, and migration procedures..


During the deployment phase, the developed and approved solution is implemented, tested, and then provided directly to the partner or the client.

Operation & Support

This is the operate and support phase. After receiving approval from the customer, the system is actively managed, monitored, and supported around the clock to ensure a high standard of service.

Continuous Improvement

Visionet’s goal is to make sure all services and solutions are always being updated and improved. For the best cloud experience, practical improvements will be discussed on the monthly service delivery management calls in our continuous innovation phase.

The Visionet Advantage

Visionet has helped numerous global enterprises with the migration of mission-critical applications to Azure. Our team is well-versed in handling cases and takes into account cost, immediate benefits, security, and compliance aspects. Moreover, we also recommend which workloads to transfer as a priority. Visionet has been integrating systems and applications under a single business model and SLA for more than a decade.

Migration Services Methodology


Making the right cloud options on a regular basis to consistently achieve optimal performance is challenging, if not impossible, without having highly accurate data as a guide. Making the wrong decision could have long-term effects.


The cloud experts at Visionet use instruments like Azure Migrate and Cloudamize to expedite and enhance the assessment and design phases. These tools offer quicker data collection and analysis, as well as higher precision, when compared to manual data collection and analysis.

Assessment and Design

All essential data is acquired during the assessment and design phase, and the solution is thoroughly described to establish the final work scope for the deployment. Because it is difficult to assess, we employ technology to compile accurate data on your current IT infrastructure. Team Visionet can then create a custom solution because every IT issue is unique and every organization has different needs. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.


The designed and authorized solution is executed during the deployment phase, and following testing, it is given to the partner or the customer directly.

Visionet’s Capabilities

24/7 Migration Proposal

Providing a tactical summary of possible cloud transformation routes within 24 hours, and a full migration evaluation and strategy within 4 weeks.

Automated Cloud Foundation

We give a roadmap for migration from traditional systems to the cloud to meet your company goals using prior data from successful cloud engagements.

Confidence Cloud Migration

To ensure a seamless business cloud migration, we create a strong initial footprint within the cloud along with battle-tested setup skills.    

Well Architected Framework

Articulate fundamental ideas, design concepts, and architectural best practices for planning and executing workloads in the cloud using a well-designed framework.

Customer Success Stories



Following a cyberattack, a prominent US mortgage company uses Visionet’s cloud migration expertise to transition to a safe and highly accessible solution.



Visionet helps a leading luxury apparel and accessories brand modernize its on-prem infrastructure by migrating to the Azure cloud.



Visionet modernized NCFE’s cloud infrastructure via Azure Cloud Migration – enabling the company to achieve cost-optimization, high performance, efficiency, and high flexibility. 

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