Revitalize B2B & B2C Commerce Operations with a modernized approach

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Nicole Dezen, CVP, Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft congratulates the winners of the Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards 2022

Visionet was acknowledged as the winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award 2022 in Dynamics 365 Commerce. Its commerce solution Catapult reimagines experiences by delivering rapid commerce adoption for both the B2B and B2C domains. With time, our influence has expanded globally as we’ve been able to consistently deliver innovative technologies to improve a brand’s commerce infrastructure.

Modernize your B2B and B2C Commerce Ecosystem

Reimagine B2B & B2C commerce with a transformational approach that leverages advanced eCommerce technologies. Today’s commerce is about modernizing and re-platforming your sales channels.

Products & Solutions

Our Core Suite of Expansive Products

Modernize Business Enterprises to achieve sustainable growth parameters.


Transform your Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) business to be the front and center of where your customers are with Catapult.

• A comprehensive multi-tier commerce implementation plan that enables rapid commerce adoption
• Leverages Microsoft or Salesforce technologies
• Specially designed Visionet accelerators
• Create an intelligent data-driven consumer journey

PartnerLinQ puts you in complete control of your supply chain connectivity by delivering end-to-end visibility, control, and limitless flexibility.

• Leverage Headless Commerce on the precipice of increasing customer interactions
• Enable order requisitions to shipment tenders and payment fulfillment to inventory and stock management
• Super-charge your retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) services


Enable a quick and seamless digital commerce modernization to scale to heights never imagined before.

• Seamlessly adopt a modernized digital commerce approach by migrating from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 in less than 90 days
• Adopt digital commerce without disrupting your existing ERP workloads
• Leverage a unified ecosystem of Microsoft applications that deliver improved productivity and team performance


HauteLogic is a modular fashion management solution that enables you to take control of every aspect of your brand.

• Rapid eCommerce adoption with over 100+ preconfigured industry processes
• Unify collaboration within factories, suppliers, and even designers to market faster

live commerce

Unlock real-time interactive shopping experiences to boost online sales and increase customer engagement for your eCommerce business

• Retain your brand experience fully through personalized shopping in the D2C domain
• Enable seamless impulse buying that can increase conversion rates
• Leverage in-video high-speed checkout without leaving the live experience

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Commerce is an integrated omnichannel commerce solution that unifies your back-office and in-store and enhances your customer’s digital experiences.

• Centralized management and visibility
• Intelligent, extensible, composable, and continuously updated
• Enhance loyalty and elevate customer services


Gain insights from our whitepaper that depicts how digital commerce for B2B can be used to re-platform your enterprises’ B2B sales.

A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Commerce for B2B Enterprises


Discover how a composable commerce architecture is essential and presents a modernized approach to redefine your B2B operations.

Composable Commerce Blueprint


Explore how a fully integrated digital store can rapidly enhance your B2B commerce platform and deliver an exceptional digital customer experience.

Accelerated B2B Commerce Enablement for Dynamics 365

Visionet catapults Y. Hata towards digital transformation

Discover how Y. Hata embraced Visionet’s strive towards digital transformation to support its extensive food network.


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