Mobile Ordering Solution for Restaurants with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Hassle-free mobile dine-in ordering and payment

The pandemic has accelerated the move to mobile ordering and contactless payment.

COVID-19 has normalized new ways of interacting with restaurants, primarily through digital, off-premise means. And that preference will continue.

As protective measures continue to be implemented across the world, QR codes have become the new way to access menus, order food, and even make payments through mobile devices. Over the last year, some restaurants adopted mobile ordering solutions that filled an immediate need but were neither scalable nor bi-directional – requiring restaurants to duplicate and maintain their menus in systems outside of their POS.

Salesforce Mobile Ordering Solution

Deliver future-ready dine-in ordering and payment experiences

The Mobile Online Ordering Restaurant Accelerator is Visionet’s collaboration with Mad Mobile and Salesforce to develop a world-class eCommerce solution that’s tightly integrated with legacy restaurant POS systems to automate and truly operationalize dine-in ordering and payment.

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Restaurant mobile ordering solution

How it works

Access restaurant menu

Guest scans the QR code to view the full restaurant menu with real-time pricing and item availability.

Assign table number

The server/runner receives the guest’s order on the Mad Mobile app on their tablet and assigns the table number accordingly.

Open check created

The guest’s order is sent to the POS and other integrated restaurant systems. Items can be added to the open check with complete synchronization between the guest’s ordering interface, server, and POS. The server/runner can initiate voids or refunds from the tablet interface.

Payment and check closure

The guest pays on their device. The server/runner is notified of the payment and the check is closed at the POS.

Visionet Mobile Restaurant Accelerator vs. Others


Mobile Ordering App

  • Requires custom partner app
  • No solution for servers/runners

Menu Integration

  • Must manually duplicate menu and logic on the server
  • The menu is batch updated periodically

Item Availability

  • Not available

Open Ticket

  • No – must create a new order in case of any modifications to it

Voids & Refunds

  • Have to be done manually on the POS and server-side

Multi-Mobile Order

  • Not available


  • Relies on an external internet connection
Mobile Ordering Solution Comparison

Visionet’s Salesforce Restaurant Accelerator

Mobile Ordering App

  • Offers Commerce Cloud mobile ordering solution fully integrated with Mad Mobile’s Marvel tablet app for servers/runners

Menu Integration

  • Unique POS Adapter enables real-time integration with the legacy POS
  • Automates full menu, pricing, promos, combos, and more

Item Availability

  • Yes – provides real-time menu item availability

Open Ticket

  • Yes – items can be added to order or modified at any time by the guest or server/runner

Voids & Refunds

  • Fully automated

Multi-Mobile Order

  • Orders can be placed from multiple devices at the same table


  • Runs in-store and on the cloud for optimal performance

Embrace the future of dine-in mobile ordering and payments

Our Visionet & Salesforce Restaurant Accelerator is a packaged offering to help enterprise and mid-market restaurants enable seamless mobile dine-in ordering and payment for guests.

Payment System

Fully integrated

Enable hassle-free mobile dine-in ordering and payments for your guests with seamless integration between the guest’s ordering app and your legacy POS – powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Menu Integration in Mobile Ordering System

Menu integration

All the menu, pricing, promos, and item availability information flows and synchronizes automatically in real-time from the guest to the runner and POS – without the need to manually duplicate pricing logic

Open Ticket

Consistent UI

Enhance the end-to-end usability with a consistent interface from the server/runner’s tablet app to the POS

Mobile Ordering

Open ticket

Guest or server can add items to an existing order, eliminating the need to create a manual order in case additional items have been added to it

Hassle Free Payment System

Hassle-free payment

Take contactless payments to the next level by allowing the guests to pay from their device

Digital Connectivity Solution


Take advantage of the comprehensive connectivity of the solution with business-critical restaurant technology like KDS, printers, PEDs, and more

Elevate your dine-in experience in just 6 weeks

Our starter kit offers a fully packaged solution that empowers your restaurant business to effortlessly meet the evolving demands of your patrons through your existing POS. Here’s what’s included: