Essential Supply Chain

Maximize the operational efficiency of your Food & Beverage distribution business
Food manufacturing, packaging, and distribution organizations achieve higher visibility, flexibility, and resilience using a modern digital commerce store, automated costing and pricing, an order-taking app, and seamless supply chain collaboration.
Forecast sales and optimize inventory using AI. Supply chain KPI dashboards provide 360° visibility. Predefined EDI transactions and integration with freight, logistics, and supply chain partners accelerate orders, invoicing, catalog management, and shipping.

Reinsurance Management

An integrated solution for accurately comparing loss models, pricing deals, and managing portfolios
Visionet’s Reinsurance Management solution uses machine learning and Big Data to help reinsurers price deals in a fraction of the time and quickly extract actionable insights from AIR, RMS, and other third-party sources.
View detailed reports on Total Insurable Value (TIV), Probable Maximum Loss (PML), and other metrics. Easily categorize portfolios by perils, regions, and other factors. Use personalized dashboards for actuaries, modelers, and other roles.


Cross-channel predictive analytics in an instant
AcuitySpark gives retailers and consumer goods organizations a 360° view of their customers, operations, and financials across all physical and digital channels for agile, data-driven decision-making.
Identify supply chain bottlenecks, and top-performing stores, staff, and products. View company-wide stock levels at a glance. Receive near-real time sell-through and replenishment order analysis. Use sales data to create targeted marketing campaigns.

Parcel & Freight Shipping

Complete Dynamics 365 shipping solution with distribution management and parcel carrier integration
Visionet’s Parcel & Freight Shipping add-on optimizes your shipping experience by seamlessly connecting your Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment to major shipping carriers.
Eliminate manual entry during delivery processing to avoid delays, rework, and customer churn. Improve operational efficiency with reusable shipping profiles, automatic carrier assignment and return label printing, integrated parcel tracking, and configurable UCC-128 labels.


End-to-end cloud-based omnichannel retail and supply chain management solution for Apparel & Footwear
With a wealth of apparel-specific features and native Dynamics 365 integration, HauteLogic by Visionet is a complete solution for your fashion label.
Improve time to market with preconfigured business processes and extensions for apparel businesses. Receive real-time analytics for complete operational visibility. Manage vendors, sourcing, pricing, inventory, shipping, and more from a single solution.
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