Nurture customer centricity by enhancing your organization’s data forte with Visionet’s expertise. We enable organizations to deliver personalized customer experiences with improved service offerings to maximize customer loyalty.

From data cleansing & unification to data activation, our experts provide end-to-end CDP implementation and activation consultancy.

Your Challenge

Fragment and siloed data from internal and external sources must be unified to enhance customer journey

One of the core challenges for organizations today is the need to unify fragmented and siloed data from internal and external 3rd party applications. While customers engagement path includes multiple touchpoints, often these touchpoints are disintegrated with each other. This makes it difficult to map customers’ complete journey and create a 360° customer-view. However, the right CDP solution resolves these challenges, allowing you to understand your customers better.

Our CDP Expertise

Our CDP consultancy team specializes in tackling challenges faced by modern organizations in terms of implementing a customer-interaction based approach that enhances customer satisfaction.

We enable organizations to realize the potential of all its digital engagement channels from the view point of the end consumer. This assists organizations to strategize based on the voice of a customer within all touchpoints rather than an individual platform.

Here are some of the key attributes of a well-designed and thought-out CDP strategy

Here are some of the key attributes of a well-designed and thought-out CDP strategy

Activations & Campaigns

Harness the potential of 360° degree customer data by mapping customer journeys.

Data Ingestion

Ingest transactional, behavioral and 3rd party customer data from multiple internal & external data sources using pre-built connectors or a rapid integration framework.

Advanced Analytics

Activate unified customer data with pre-built ML models, custom KPIs & advanced metrics to generate CLTV, customer segmentation, propensity models and more.

Data Cleansing & Unification

Utilize pre built customizable rules for data cleansing and de-duplication to generate trustable golden record.

Unify Customer Data by following these steps


Purpose built data lake for customer data collection