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Fragmented and siloed data from internal and external sources must be unified to enhance the customer journey

One of the core challenges for organizations today is the need to unify fragmented and siloed data from internal and external 3rd party applications. While the customers engagement path includes multiple touchpoints, often these touchpoints are disintegrated with each other. This makes it difficult to map the customers’ complete journey and create a 360° customer-view. However, the right CDP solution resolves these challenges, allowing you to understand your customers better.

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Here are some of the key attributes of a well-designed and thought-out CDP strategy

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Data ingestion

Ingest transactional, behavioral and 3rd party customer data from multiple internal & external data sources using pre-built connectors or a rapid integration framework.

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Data cleansing & unification

Utilize pre built customizable rules for data cleansing and de-duplication to generate trustworthy golden records.

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Advanced analytics

Activate unified customer data with pre-built ML models, custom KPls, & advanced metrics to generate CLTV, customer segmentation, propensity models, and more.

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Activations & campaigns

Unleash the potential of 360° customer data by meticulously mapping customer journeys.

Unify customer data by following these steps

Step 1

Purpose-built data lake for customer data collection

Step 2

Data cleansing and de-duplication using pre-built rules

Step 3

Stitch data across all interactions and touch points for holistic analysis

Step 4

Use the customer 360° data and advanced analytics for data activation and a customer-focused strategy


Customer-Centric Excellence: An Insurer's Success Tale

Discover how our AI-powered Customer 360° solution streamlined data for a top insurer.

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Maximizing Customer Satisfaction and Boosting Operational Efficiency with an Advanced Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Visionet teamed up with a leading fashion brand to implement a state-of-the-art retail data platform. We equipped the client with the cross-channel data management platform and enabled them to better understand customer interactions.

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Decoding the Impact of Email Marketing on Customer Behavior

Data-driven email marketing campaigns have redefined the way organizations engage with potential and existing customers. Email marketing not only costs less as compared to other contemporary tools but is also more effective and has a wider reach. However, organizations now have large volumes of data at their disposal which they can leverage to drive data-backed marketing campaigns.

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Impact of the Pandemic on Customer Behavior

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges for retailers and manufacturers, while also causing unexpected changes in customer behavior. Customers are now more conscious about their purchases and conduct detailed research before making a decision especially when it comes to high-value items. Since the onset of the pandemic, customers’ purchase channel preferences have evolved. A major proportion of customers have switched to online shopping for long-lasting, durable items which they previously preferred to purchase from physical stores.

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How Data Analytics Enhances Customer Experience

Data analytics works like magic when utilized properly. It has not only refined the customer experience but also revolutionized the customer-marketer relationship while multiplying sales and enhancing customer satisfaction. Paul Gaynor, a partner at PwC, states that advanced business analytics has the potential to predict everything from customer interaction to financial transactions, anywhere in the world. This equates to data as no less than a superpower for businesses today.

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Are Repeat Customers Truly More Beneficial for Your Business?

The quality of a business’s customers determines everything from its valuation to its longevity. CMOs and marketing experts can’t stress this enough. In recent times, we have started seeing a shift from standard revenue metrics to customer-centric metrics to evaluate companies.

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Decoding the Impact of Email Marketing
Are Repeat Customers Truly More Beneficial for Your Business
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