Field Activity and Supervision

Monitor and support field distribution agents in remote locations with an enterprise-grade mobility solution

The mobile workforce is a key asset for organizations of any type or size. Whether their field workforce is engaged in sales to new prospects or servicing existing customers, they form an important part of their organization’s revenue generation process.

Visionet’s Field Activity and Supervision (FAS) supports field staff, their supervisors, and management by providing seamless in-field tracking of each team members’ precise location without end-user involvement. Build advanced collaboration and cross-selling infrastructure using FAS’s extensible mobile and web-portal platform, which seamlessly integrates with your organization’s technology landscape. FAS’s unified view of field workforce operations presents accurate, timely, and actionable data in the form of intuitive dashboards to help management make more agile, intelligent decisions.
Historically, adoption of mobile apps by field employees has been a key challenge. According to Google, more than 90% of mobile apps see a significant drop in daily active users within the first 3 months of their launch. In addition to providing field solutions, Visionet improves mobile app adoption by your employees. Our multilingual team of trained engineers can remotely take control of an employee’s app to train and assist them in their local language. We are currently using this model to provide support to over 10,000 global users.

Field View

FAS is a comprehensive solution that enables digital transformation of your field team’s interaction with both internal and external stakeholders.

Key Features

Real Time Monitoring
Enhance field staff productivity by monitoring your workforce in real-time using GPS tracking
Route Optimization
Optimize routing using GPS navigation information
Offline Data Capture
Capture data offline to effectively negate data loss and manage operations in areas with limited connectivity
Attendance Monitoring
Geotagged and timestamped selfie-based attendance tracking
On the Go Approvals
On-the-go leave and expense approvals help operations run like clockwork
Pro-Active Management Alerts
Proactive reporting and alerts for management ensure seamless governance and control

Product Snapshots


More productive field staff
Data-driven decision making
Better control and governance
Solution aligns with your existing technology landscape
Maximum technology adoption through seamless support
Prebuilt accelerators improve solution’s time to market
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