Field Display Audit Analytics and Reporting

Guide the Field Representative Leveraging Augmented Reality, Image Analytics in a Native Mobile Application

In-Store Displays, Shelf Positioning and Product Displays have a significant role to improve product’s top-of-mind awareness and offtake.

However, one of the key challenges of Sales Effectiveness teams is that they do not get a consolidated view from the field about the effectiveness of these field displays despite paying a heavy premium. Our innovative solution, Field Display Audit Analytics and Reporting (FDAAR) leverages Augmented Reality, Image Analytics and Mobility helps solve this problem.
With FDAAR, Images and Meta data from displays at stores captured and analyzed by leveraging Augmented Reality. This data guides the Sales Representative to position your products optimally on store shelfs. The solution also consolidates information and creates a ranking by leveraging Image Analytics and presents a consolidated view to the category manager.

Key Features

Enhance Field Intelligence
Capture data and supply intelligence to your Sales Rep from a single App
Rich Data Capture
The images captured is enriched by intelligent meta-data like product’s visibility, Location of rack, placement in view of competitors etc.
Customized Decision Making
Based on completely customizable Business Rules the FDAAR app provides optimal recommendation.

Product Snapshots


in Product Offtake
Higher Top-of-mind Awareness
for Product
Measurable Sales
Improvement at a Store Level
Better Control
of the Shelf Positioning
Greater ROI
on the Shelf Rentals
Field Intelligence
for the Sales Representatives
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