Field Activity and Supervision (FAS)

Monitor and support field distribution agents in remote locations with enterprise-grade mobility
Visionet’s Field Activity and Supervision (FAS) provides effortless GPS field staff tracking without end-user involvement. Gain a unified view of field operations using an extensible mobile and web-based platform. Optimize staff routes using GPS navigation. Capture data offline to manage operations in remote areas. Track attendance with geotagged, timestamped selfies. Approve leaves and expenses on the go. Use field workforce dashboards to make faster, smarter decisions.

Field Stock Liquidation

Gain SKU-level inventory visibility and reduce risk
Visionet’s Field Stock Liquidation solution captures inventory data from the field and reconciles it with your back-end ERP system. Gain SKU-level visibility into stock at key distribution points and improve product placement through offtake tracking. Reduce risk, prevent shrinkage, trim your safety stock, and build stronger relationships with suppliers. Receive detailed reports on liquidation, channel inventory, and adoption for more precise demand planning.