Salesforce Order Management Solution is a central hub for handling all aspects of the order lifecycle including order capture, fulfillment, shipping, payment processing, and service.

Solution Features

OMS is a customer-first solution that enables seamless, easy, and accurate order management

Comprehensive Order Management

Comprehensive Order Management

Deliver unparalleled customer service from order placement through fulfillment
Simple Workflow Management

Easily create and configure supply chain workflows to automate order fulfillment, payment capture, and invoices with simple drag-and-drop tools.


Fulfill Complex Orders

Empower customers to select partial shipments, multiple addresses or even split fulfillments across locations.


Automatic Payment Processing

Eliminate the need to manually generate and settle invoices. Connect your payment systems with OMS for easy payment capture.


Cancellation and Returns Management

Let your customers manage cancellations effortlessly by issuing smooth returns, refunds, and exchanges even before fulfillment.

Unified Order Servicing

Enhance the experience beyond the purchase
Commerce Combined with Service

Connect B2C commerce with your service teams and power your customer service with unified view of customer orders, preferences, cases, and more.


Customer Self-Service

Enable customers to easily check order status, cancel, or initiate a return themselves.


Faster Case Management

A single platform enables service reps to manage returns, cancellations, and other requests. Enhance productivity by automating common requests.

Unified Order Management
Flexible Order Management Platform

Flexible Platform

Unlock new capabilities easily with Salesforce
Smooth Scalability

Easily enhance the capabilities of your cloud-based order management. Effortlessly manage apps, microservices, community hubs, and overall customer experience with your complete data on the Salesforce Platform.


No-Code Business Automation

Easy, drag-and-drop automation tools make managing complex processes a breeze with customizable visual workflows.


Trust, Transparency, Accessibility

Ensure you are always on the latest version with three updates each year.

Powerful Partner Network

Quickly launch, integrate and scale with the powerful Salesforce partner network
Seamless App Integration

Add apps for store, tax, warehouse management, and more with ease. Customize order management with partner apps on AppExchange.


Specialized Implementation Partners

Choose from a list of specialized partners who can help you implement OMS – exactly the way you want it.


Omnichannel Customer View

Get a 360-degree view of your customers across all channels by bringing together order management, eCommerce, and CRM data. Gain order status accuracy and total transparency in commerce, service, and marketing interactions.

Powerful Partner Network

Why OMS?

Our Salesforce Order Management Solution unites people, systems, and processes from each stage of the order lifecycle in a single, centralized system.


Connect commerce and service to unify customer data and order history, delivering seamless commerce, call center and self-service scenarios

Scalable and Agile

Leverage an extensible platform, configurable workflows and modern microservices built on the Lightning Platform

Complete Order Lifecycle

Manage end-to-end supply chain workflows for fulfillment, payment capture, invoice creation, and custom business logic

Truly Omnichannel

Let customers engage on their preferred channels with pre-built partner solutions for store, allocation, POS, WMS, and shipping via AppExchange

The Visionet Value

As Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, Visionet combines its digital commerce expertise with Salesforce technologies to connect commerce, orders, and service to empower you and your team:
  • See a global view of the entire order lifecycle across selling channels
  • Manage order capture, fulfillment, and delivery – all in one place
  • Access a master repository of all order information
  • Service orders before, during, and after fulfillment

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