Timely, Accurate Reinsurance Insights

A complete suite of portfolio, modeling, business intelligence, workflow, and automation tools for reinsurance organizations

Package, model, and analyze… fast!

Price deals 9x faster. Perform assessments in near-real time.
Automate your underwriting process and extract real-time insights from internal and third-party data sources, including AIR and RMS. Significantly reduce the time required to price each deal, and enable modelers and actuaries to instantaneously calculate critical metrics like PMLs, loss curves, and TIVs using Big Data and machine learning. Move beyond simple dashboards – calculate aggregate loss, composition, and marginal analysis.

We also offer a wide range of data management and analytics solutions by leveraging expertise in machine learning and Big Data engineering

enhanced program management

Enhanced Program Management

Better Deal Management
Improve deal management by streamlining and orchestrating the Quote, Authorize, and/or Binding process, treaty approval workflow, and Year over Year analysis.
Accurate Pricing
Accurately price deals by risk type (Excess of Loss Reinsurance, Pro Rata, Per Risk, etc.) to generate contract expected losses for better decision making and risk analysis.
Personalize Deal Structure
Structure deals according to your business workflow
Personalized role based dashboards

Personalized role-based dashboards and workbenches

Personalized Dashboards
Role-based dashboards and deal guidance forms for actuaries, modelers, and technical assistants
Easy Note Management
Maintain and store business-related notes on the notes engine across multiple stages of the deal
manage your portfolio with detail insights

Manage your portfolio with detailed insights

Periodic Loss Analysis
Periodically analyze the impact of new deals on losses
Intuitive Portfolio Categorization
Categorize portfolios by account type, regions, perils, and more
Detailed Portfolio Tracking
Track contracts that have contributed to the numbers in your portfolio, as well as the total number excluded due to incomplete information or other reasons
simplify complex calculations

Simplify complex calculations with reporting and screen exhibits

In-depth Total Insurable Value Reports
View Total Insurable Value (TIV) reports by peril, geography, exposed limit, distance of fault, and other factors
In-Depth Probable Maximum Loss Reports
View Probable Maximum Loss (PML) reports by peril, region, loss type, return period, portfolio, and other factors
Detailed Historical Reports
View reports on historical losses
Run event, peril, loss, and exposure modeling

Run event, peril, loss, and exposure modeling

Third Party Vendor Integrations
Benefit from third-party vendor management, including integration with loss data vendors like AIR and RMS
Database and Server Management
Manage loss and exposure database and server
Detailed Loss Reporting
View loss creation and utilization by region


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