Envision Everlasting Relationships and Drive Exponential Revenue with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Nurture Personalized Engagement Channels

Leverage data in the new paradigm through personalized interactions and engagement channels that lead to a sustained growth model. When each customer touchpoint is optimized for performance, the chances of you to converting customers become potentially higher.

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Craft Customer Journeys with Connected Commerce

Develop user-centric customer journeys that stand the test of time and can deliver unwavering loyalty that drives conversions. Cover all your domains, including sales, commerce, fulfillment services, and beyond.

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Enter the New-norm with a Scalable, Agile, and a Secure Platform

Connected Commerce allows you to scale with ease across the globe. The varying unforeseen demands as well as newer experiences will always be taken into consideration. Develop an eCommerce ecosystem that can deliver enhanced experiences.

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Commerce Cloud Transformation

Envision a seamless headless commerce strategy backed by Salesforce Commerce Cloud and a future-proof transformation strategy.

Reimagine Commerce Experiences with Visionet

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C commerce business, Visionet can help you innovate commerce experiences with its Salesforce Commerce Cloud services so that you can scale higher and be more agile.


Responsive web shops and mobile apps that address your specific customer needs. Implement cutting-edge strategies so that you can offer exceptional digital experiences.

Support and SLA Services

With the support of our experienced team of experts, we offer a comprehensive range of managed services to cater to every need of your business, regardless of your location or time zone.

Optimization Programme

We adopt a data-driven approach to provide optimization suggestions, backed by thorough testing, ensuring your eCommerce platform is fully optimized for digital growth.

Dooney and Bourke

We had changed our e-commerce platforms several times, but still struggled to find the right platform to meet our growing business demands. We needed the new Demandware platform to be implemented before the holiday season, and I’m thrilled that Visionet Systems was able to deliver against a tight Deadline.

Melissa Woolf

VP Marketing and eCommerce Operations, KUIU

Working with Visionet has been instrumental in allowing us to innovate and provide a better overall customer experience throughout our website. Their thought leadership, broad technical capabilities, and extensive portfolio allow us to engage with them on many different projects.

David Burbine

Director of eCommerce, Dooney and Bourke


Meeting Today’s Shopper Needs with Omnichannel Retail

While COVID-19 paved way for a lot of eCommerce innovation, it wasn’t the first time businesses went through such drastic transformation. Ecommerce behemoth, Alibaba, created the “New Retail” concept in response to the SARS outbreak, during the early stages of the company’s development. It referred to seamless integration of the physical and digital world with regards to your business and all of its operations.

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A Leading Fashion Apparel Brand Reimagines Email Marketing with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A leading fashion apparel brand had been grappling with redundant legacy email tools that hindered its ability to run more targeted campaigns.

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RESOURCES: Solving the toughest challenges of businesses with Salesforce cloud

A World-Renowned Winter Clothing Brand Crafts an Enhanced Omnichannel Experience to Drive Growth & Brand Loyalty

Our client developed a first-rate, seamless consumer journey by integrating their digital capabilities into their physical locations. This leading fashion business was able to provide a seamless and linked consumer experience across all engagement channels thanks to the Salesforce platform. They were able to immediately launch a new website created especially for the 42-inch screens in their stores thanks to Salesforce technology. By offering a more immersive experience, this new site equips store employees to enhance customer service, ultimately leading to higher levels of client engagement and satisfaction.

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RESOURCES: Solving the toughest challenges of businesses with Salesforce cloud

Revamping eCommerce Experience for Rebecca Taylor

Visionet improved Rebecca Taylor's eCommerce experience by revamping the "customer stories" feature, which enabled merchandisers to boost social engagement. An AI-driven product recommendation engine was also implemented to enhance cross-selling opportunities.

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