Visionet drives retail innovation with cutting-edge digital transformation solutions

In today’s technological era, the core of business has taken a tangent wherein digitization plays an important part. It is crucial for a better customer experience, planning business strategies, and streamlining processes. Nearly every industry is embracing digital transformation, and retail is no exception. To achieve profitable growth, retail businesses are undergoing digital transformation to meet the demands of increasingly discerning consumers who seek personalized experiences and greater satisfaction.

Enabling Dynamics 365 Multi Enterprise Deployment with PartnerLinQ

Welcome to our webinar on unlocking the potential of Dynamics 365 and PartnerLinQ! 

In the ever-evolving world of business, staying ahead means finding innovative ways to enhance efficiency and collaboration across various enterprise solutions. Watch our on-demand webinar to explore how Dynamics 365 and PartnerLinQ revolutionize your organization’s operations and drive success in today’s dynamic landscape. 

Driving Success: Al Baker Group Achieves Operational Excellence with Azure Cloud Migration

Qatar-based healthcare, FMCG, and real estate industry leader collaborated with Visionet to migrate its on-prem infrastructure to Azure Cloud in order to make use of all the platform’s advantages, foster technical innovation, and gain a competitive edge.


Al Baker Group wanted to shift its on-prem infrastructure to Azure Cloud in order to attain all the benefits of the platform, drive technical innovation, and achieve a competitive edge.

Empowering Customer Delight: Microsoft Copilot Studio’s Vision

In today’s fast-paced business world, the merging of cutting-edge technologies and customer-focused approaches is crucial for success. Of late, businesses want solutions that improve both customer experiences and efficiency.  

Enter Microsoft Copilot Studio—an AI-driven solution poised to revolutionize customer engagement and operational efficiency for businesses worldwide. 

Accelerating Microsoft Power Platform Adoption Through Center of Excellence

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, enterprises are under constant pressure to innovate, enhance productivity, and achieve operational excellence. This white paper delves into the strategic implementation of a Power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE) within organizations. This comprehensive guide elucidates the critical components of the Power Platform suite, emphasizes the significance of a CoE, and delineates strategies for effective governance, training, and measuring ROI.  

Transforming Retail Fortunes: How AI-Infused Forecasting Informed Business Strategy for a Retail Chain


The client is a prominent retail player specializing in mattresses and accessories and has over 2,400 stores across the US.


The client operated in a highly competitive landscape where accurate forecasting of customer demand, store footfall, and revenue was vital. However, evolving preferences and market trends made accurate predictions challenging, leading to unreliable forecasts. Furthermore, reliance on manual models hindered precision and the implementation of a time-series forecasting model.

Revolutionizing Retail: Google Cloud Empowers Precision and Efficiency for a Leading US Retailer


The client is a leading player in the business of specialty mattresses in the US and has over 2,400 stores spanning across 49 states.


The client encountered obstacles in optimizing and automating cross-team data sharing and analysis. Without an efficient mechanism, they resorted to manual processes, which proved to be time-consuming and inefficient, leading to inaccurate and inconsistent reports. The client sought a solution to improve productivity and enable easy and secure access to accurate data through process digitization.

Empowering US Retailer: Google Cloud-Driven Transformation for Enhanced Vendor Reporting


The client is one of the largest retailers specializing in mattresses and accessories and has over 2,400 stores across the US. Committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and ensuring continued industry dominance, they aimed to enhance their reporting and automation capabilities by revamping their vendor reporting system.