Discovering the Business DNA

  • A graphical visualization and analysis toolkit for Legacy source code that unwraps the Business Logic from Legacy Source Code
  • Discovers interdependencies and interactions of various legacy system components
  • Information is presented to the user through views at different levels of granularity
  • All information is stored in a database so it can be referred to and reported on at any time
  • CodeMiner uses a 3 step process to gather and generate the information required:
    • The source code is parsed to generate abstract code information
    • The code information is then passed through the VisiCodeMiner analyzer engine to create comprehension graphs
    • These graphs are then represented in graphical form by the Visualizer
  • Users can select the views they need and look at the various aspects of the source code Expert System that uses heuristic searches to identify patterns within the application code for DB, I/O, interfaces etc
  • Ability to view the same application at different levels of details such as function view, call view, I/O view, etc
  • Ability to detect main modules and dependent modules
  • Flexible parser allows augmentation of the grammar with new (e.g. the generated JCL)

Major Modules

  • Project Estimation
  • Business Function Identification
  • Language Grammar
  • Artificial Intelligence Enabled Expert System for Filtering out database, I/O calls
  • Business Process Graphical Visualization
  • Generic Code Parser
  • Database Based Reporting Module for Data mining related Queries
  • Generic Algorithmic Structure Identifications and Representations
  • Artificial Intelligence based Data Structure Relationship Analyzer and Adviser
VisiCodeMiner Diagram
VisiCodeMiner Screen 1
VisiCodeMiner Screen 2
VisiCodeMiner Screen 3

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