Drive business results with improved and efficient HR operations

Globally, organizations are now considering HR as a strategic business partner to the company rather than an administrative function because of the business results they deliver. To adapt to this trend, organizations are investing extensively in technology to enable collaboration, improve performance while accelerating talent development. To survive in this increasingly competitive global market, leading organizations are focusing on creating a synergy between the HR functions and the organization’s corporate strategy in order to meet the challenges of gaining a competitive advantage.

VisiHCM, Visionet’s Human Capital Management solution is a comprehensive web-based HCM solution, designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers organizations the tools to manage, share and steer the vast capabilities of its people, to focus on its critical talent and support the strategic HR processes. By helping organizations automate their manual processes while applying Web-enabled services, VisiHCM facilitates its clients to operate seamlessly across the enterprise.

The modular architecture of VisiHCM application makes it simple to add modules to the core application as your organization grows. The application redesigns the entire processes and integrates them with management tools, knowledge repositories and document and data management systems to streamline the entire recruit-to-retire spectrum and expedite workflows and reporting. This facilitates the organization to lower its human resources costs, expand the talent pool, shorten the hiring process and make it easy for employees to manage their own HR information and benefits.

Business Advantages:

  • Complete Employee Life-cycle Management – allows you to plan everything from recruitment to retirement
  • Quicker On-Boarding – streamlined processes and standardized letters/forms allow your HR department to get a new employee on board faster
  • Development of Skills & Expertise – track your employee’s skills and expertise and develop its learning and career paths
  • Easier Appraisals – simplify the appraisal process by presenting all the pertinent information such as employee’s KPIs, goals and trainings on a single screen
  • Employee Self Service – free up time of your HR department by allowing employees to see their personal information such as salary slips, leaves and performance review information online
  • Executive Dashboard – allows upper management to quickly view and track KPIs such as Cost per Hire, Turnover Ratio, Performance Metrics and Work Compensation per Employee
  • Browser-based interface – allows authorized users to access the system from anywhere while maintaining data security
  • Complete Audit trails – ensure that each action is traceable and tracked so that violations and misuse can be traced and eliminated
  • 401 (k) management – allows organizations to handle different types of retirement schemes including Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution plans

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