Investor Bank Account Reconciliation & Investor Reporting

Investor Reporting Challenges

  • Investor Specific Reporting Requirements
  • Difference in reporting requirements from Agencies & Private Investors
  • Fidelity MSP Investor Reporting Component is comprehensive; but it requires a lot of fine tuning to meet investor specific requirements as per the Pooling & Servicing Agreements
  • Redundant Data to the Investors, usually MSP existing reports are forwarded to investor for their reporting needs

Investor Bank Account Reconciliation Challenges

  • MSP provides the Investor Bank Account Reconciliation for both Private Investors and Agencies at the Investor Pool Level
  • It is hard to find out the root cause of the bank account reconciliation variances at the Investor Pool level
  • Differences between Private Investors & Agencies Reconciliation Requirements
  • Every reporting month rest of Cash Differences are rolled over to the next month balance, in order to reconcile investor bank balance
  • Lack of Audit Trail
  • Unable to identify user errors at loan level
  • There are no loan level Exception Queues to find out and research loan level differences
  • Working Capital required to fund un-reconciled accounts
  • Agencies (FNMA) required better control and tracking of their portfolios
  • Lack in consistent method for Tracking Users Performance & Productivity
  • There are differences between the Investor Data and MSP Data (Discrepancies between MSP & Investor Loan Numbers, Note Rate, SF Rate)
  • ARM loans are hard to reconcile at the loan level due to unavailability of ARM history at loan level in MSP reports

Solution Approach

Visionet has implemented following components to address the MSP investor reporting requirement & reconciliation challenges:

  • Splitter – Splits the large Fidelity Report Spool File into separate Fidelity Reports
  • Parser – Parses individual Fidelity Reports as per the investor requirements
  • Field Selector – Allows users to select and define field ordering as per the investor reporting requirements
  • Data Models – Industry Standard Monarch Data Models are available for standard fidelity reports
  • Scheduler – Industry Standard Monarch Data Pump Processes are available to schedule and execute Fidelity Daily and Monthly Reports
  • Processing Engine – Visionet has implemented intrinsic computational model to create the loan level bank reconciliation for both Private Investors & Agencies


Investor Reporting

Investor Reporting Automation Benefits

  • Reduce the amount of time used to extract multiple reports and Reduce Passport Cost
  • Ensure accurate reporting of data, which improves investor rating
  • Flexibility in making changes to different Investor requirements and reporting data – eliminating manual supplemental reports
  • Provide the Investor with only the Data they need
  • Improved Investor Experience
  • Improve turnaround time for Reports to the Investors
  • Eliminate Multiple Reports to Investors
  • Gain operational efficiencies from processing standpoint
  • Maximize scalability and performance
  • Allow for continuous business growth, reduce cost
  • Reduce the time spent on researching differences
  • Ease of training for new employees
  • Deliver an automated workflow engine for team players
  • Provide Investor & Clients with additional information
  • Implement first of the month payoffs
  • Flexibility to add post cutoff liquidations, reduce compensating Interest (First of the month Payoffs)


Investor Report – Data Fields

Investor Loan Level Bank Account Reconciliation Benefits

Loan Level Bank Reconciliation for Agencies and Private Investors provides flexibility in performing Bank Reconciliations, Researching Variances and Ad-hoc reports.

  • Loan Level Exception Queues
  • Reusable framework to support auditing needs
  • Complete audit trails
  • Automated download of bank statement data
  • Automated identification of monthly deposit in transit and disbursements
  • Computational Model derives loan level test of cash
  • Facilitate Bank Reconciliation and find out exceptions at loan level
  • Identify loan level differences faster

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