Unravelling Container Observability

Visionet Webinar

Webinar Date

May 11, 2021
11:00 AM EST
Speaker: Aloke Guha, Kunya Baramy, Rahul Jha, Tim Colby Sr.

The imminent shift to cloud and microservice application architectures has spurred on a rapid increase in scale and complexity. Legacy monitoring tools simply can’t keep up with the explosive amounts of data these environments generate and can’t deliver the required system-wide visibility to ensure optimal cloud application performance. This very purpose is served by observability.


Aloke Guha

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer


Kunya Baramy

Head of Cloud Services

Visionet Systems, Inc.

Rahul Jha

Director of Cloud Platform & Consulting

Visionet Systems, Inc.

Tim Colby Sr.

Chief Customer Officer


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Watch our latest webinar in collaboration with OpsCruise as our panel of experts engaged in an interactive discussion on observability, focusing on the following key topics:

  • Why is observability important?
  • Challenges to achieving observability
  • Available options to attain observability
  • Role of AI and automation in observability
  • Deciding on the right observability strategy

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