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Visionet - Your Trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner!

At Visionet, we proudly stand as a beacon of innovation and expertise in the Microsoft Solutions landscape. As your trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner, we harness cutting-edge tools, abundant resources, and profound expertise to deliver effective and comprehensive client assistance. Our steadfast partnership with Microsoft is a driving force propelling businesses toward unparalleled success.

Visionet & Microsoft: A Partnership Forged in Innovation Together, Visionet and Microsoft present a unique blend of agility, modernization blueprints, and abundant resources. Our focus is on innovation and delvering substantial business value. With our profound Microsoft Cloud expertise, we expedite your cloud journey, simplifying and scaling to meet your distinct needs. Unlock the limitless potential of AI with Visionet’s Copilot, elevate business value, mitigate risks, foster talent, and optimize investments, infusing AI, automation, and analytics into ERP operations and beyond.

Our team of experts is here to guide you as a digital disruptor, enabling your business to respond rapidly to market shifts and to seize unfolding opportunities with agility and precision.

The Visionet Advantage

Trusted Certified Solution Partner:

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Visionet excels in delivering Microsoft solutions with proven production deployments, aligning with Microsoft’s stringent standards for partner accreditation.

Extensive ISV Portfolio:

Visionet’s dynamic ISV portfolio and industry cloud solutions enhance deployments with configurable solutions, ensuring seamless integration, faster time-to-market, and transformative operational enhancements.

Expert Industry Teams at Your Service:

Our certified experts specialize in Microsoft tech for specific industries, fostering project success and driving innovative transformations within your organization.

Accelerated Time-to-Market and ROI:

Collaboration with Visionet allows our clients to focus on their customers while we ensure optimal utilization of their technology investments, deliver requisite ROI, and realize their planned business outcomes.

Dynamics 365
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 revolutionizes business operations by integrating data, processes, and teams, driving revenue, authentic engagement, and productivity with CRM and ERP. Whether it’s new implementations, migrations, integrations, or system enhancements, we are here to transform your business journey.

Supply Chain Management:

Enhance supply chains with AI and IoT in Dynamics 365
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Supply Chain Center:

Elevate finance with real-time monitoring & automation.


Efficiently manage orders enhance the shopping experience
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Elevate global finance with real-time performance and automation
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Customer Service:

Empower service teams with tech for personalized, seamless experiences
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Field Service:

Empower on-field teams for productivity; personalize customer experiences, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty
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Deliver exceptional, seamless, personalized omnichannel experiences
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Elevate sales by fostering customer trust
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Ensure seamless, personalized experiences, boosting leads, cultivating meaningful connections and customer relationships
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Power Platform:

Provide all-in-one solutions for connectivity, analysis, mobility, automation, and engagement
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Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure stands as the premier choice for businesses, aiming to fuel innovation, maximize IT investments, and ensure future readiness. Azure offers native tools, seamless integrations, and reliable cloud services to conquer business challenges and drive innovation. As Microsoft’s Tier-1 CSP and Azure Solutions Partner, our seasoned assists with migrations and cloud-native applications, helping your business leverage Azure’s myriad offerings effectively.

Assessment & Strategy:

  • Infrastructure (Azure)
  • Digital and App Innovation (Azure)
  • Security (Azure Security and M365 Security)
  • Modern Work (Microsoft 365, Teams, Viva)
  • Business Applications (Dynamics 365 and Power Platform)
  • Data & AI (Azure)
  • Azure Migration
  • Azure Workload Transformation
  • Application Modernization on Azure
  • Azure Native Development
  • Power Apps Development
  • Azure Native Services Adaption
  • Modern Workplace Transformation
  • Azure Sentinel
  • Azure GRC
  • Zero Trust
  • Zero Native Cloud Services
  • Azure Migration Services
  • Custom App Support (.Net / Power Platform, etc)
  • D365 Support
  • Azure Data Support
  • Modern Workplace Support
Data & AI Services
Microsoft Data and AI
Data & AI Services

Visionet leverages cutting-edge Microsoft-powered Data & AI solutions and technologies to provide high-quality consulting, data platform modernization, and data management services. Supported by a team of highly skilled professionals who hold Microsoft certifications and possess experience across various industries, we offer a wealth of domain expertise, advanced tools, frameworks, and accelerators to facilitate a successful digital transformation. Our goal is to enhance profitability, optimize investments, improve business capabilities, and elevate the customer experience. This partnership empowers us to deliver top-tier solutions for fostering innovation through collaborative industry-leading efforts.

  • Microsoft Data Fabric
    • Data Modernization using One Lake
    • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Azure AI and Machine Learning 
  • Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft 365 Customer Insights
  • Data Platform Assessment & Optimization

Our Focus Industries

Visionet empowers various industries with tailored solutions comprising cloud, AI, analytics, and security, enabling innovation and efficiency in diverse business landscapes.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Empower BFSI with cloud, AI, analytics, security for innovation and efficiency in finance.

Retail and CPG

Empower BFSI with cloud, AI, analytics, security for innovation and efficiency in finance.


Improve patient care, optimize operations, and enable transformative innovations in the Healthcare industry.


Accelerate research, streamline processes, and enable groundbreaking discoveries in the Life Sciences sector.

Parcel and Freight
Live Commerce
Solution for Commerce
Headless Commerce
Connected Commerce

Awards and Accolades


Our relentless pursuit of excellence has earned us acknowledgements from our partners and peers, meeting the industry’s top-tier benchmarks.

Case Studies

Visionet Empowers Südwolle Group: Revolutionizing wool commerce with seamless implementation

To overcome the obstacles posed by its outdated legacy system and enhance its commercial operations, the world's largest spinner of pure wool and wool blend yarns, Südwolle Group, turned to Visionet for a comprehensive solution. And Visionet successfully delivered!

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Case Studies

Seamless Digital Transformation of a Leading Member Organization for Retail Real Estate with Microsoft Power Platform

Seeking a solution to address operational challenges and achieve a seamless digital transformation, a leading member organization in the retail real estate industry collaborated with Visionet. It aimed to streamline event registration, improve customer search functionality, simplify payment processes, automate order submissions, and introduce seamless badge printing to enhance efficiency and user experience. Visionet successfully transformed the client's event management platform using Microsoft Power Platform. With these improvements, the client is now on the path towards revolutionizing the US Retail Real Estate industry.

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Case Studies

A Lubricants and Energy Services Provider Modernizes its Processes by Upgrading to Dynamics 365 from Dynamics AX 2012

Our client, a premium oilfield chemicals supplier, and energy-related services provider collaborated with Visionet to modernize its processes and upgrade from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365. Find out how this digital transformation has enhanced their operational efficiency and ensured continued industry competitiveness.

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Case Studies

From Inaccurate Forecasting to Profitable Supply Chain: The Impact of Visionet's Next-Gen AI Solution on a Home Goods Store Chain

A leading home goods store chain was facing reduced ROI of excess inventory as a result of inaccurate forecasting. This was leading to inefficiencies in their supply chain and decreased profitability. After they chose Visionet’s next-gen AI Forecasting Solution, the dollars, previously buried in the excess inventory, are now utilized in avenues of optimal return. 

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Case Studies

Data Warehouse Modernization with Azure for an American Power Tools Retailer

Our client is the leading online power tools and equipment retailer in America, providing a comprehensive range of tools, accessories, and supplies to professional tradesmen and DIY customers via its website and other eCommerce platforms like Amazon. It offers new and refurbished tools from renowned brands and specialty businesses, enabling seamless access to industry- leading equipment at affordable prices. With 18 years of expertise, the brand proficiently caters to the specialized needs of its customers.

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Case Studies

Modernizing Vince’s Infrastructure via Azure Cloud Migration

A world-renowned luxury apparel and accessories brand achieved high performance, foolproof security, and scalability through Azure Cloud Migration via partnership with Visionet.

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Case Studies

Mattress Firm: BI Solution Streamlines Information Management

Overview Visionet designed a solution that helped Mattress Firm simplify product information management. We deployed a high-performance enterprise BI solution that provided detailed reports across business functions.

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