Future Proof your EDI Communications Integrations

By December 4, 2017 April 27th, 2019

Does your business need a solution that can support communicating with EDI & non-EDI based B2B Partners? Is Ecommerce making your traditional shipping and fulfilment processes break at its seams?

Streamlined partner communication and EDI management is the cornerstone of a modern B2B communication architecture. Businesses are faced with challenges of bringing their EDI infrastructure in line with changing enterprise needs and the increasingly diverse partner landscape. What’s required is a reliable and secure data interchange between various partner systems that is easy to deploy, use, and manage, including the ability to add new trading partners, manage business rules, and exchange of mission critical info.

PartnerLink from Visionet Systems is a modern, robust, and scalable data interchange solution designed to free businesses from the traditional constraints of point-to-point integrations. PartnerLink cuts through some of the key problems facing modern enterprises by:

  • Delivering an End to End EDI solution that handles ERP integration, EDI transformation, scheduling, and transport.
  • PartnerLink supports Real time API based communication and helps businesses bridge the gap between traditional B2B EDI and API based communications.
  • PartnerLink works out of the box for most EDI integration scenarios for businesses adopting Microsoft D365 or its predecessor AX 2012.  And
  • Provides a single management console that consolidates data from disparate end points, validates them, provides error alerts, correction capability and channels them to the ERP system.

PartnerLink with its on-premise and cloud based deployment models handles high volume processing for EDI documents and offers a wide range of preconfigured EDI maps, making it easy to onboard new partners and connections. It also offers prebuilt API based connectivity with leading ecommerce providers and fulfilment partners, with a web based centralized management application.

Visionet with its Partnerlink solution delivers a reliable, scalable, and manageable B2B communication platform for modern day business enterprises.