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A year ago Connect(); started the journey for a new Microsoft for developers, unveiling the future of an open source .NET on Linux and Mac, and a free Visual Studio for targeting any device and any OS.
Join us this year to hear directly from Scott Guthrie, Brian Harry, and Scott Hanselman on what’s next in this exciting journey. Get deeper insights into our exciting announcements with over 80 on-demand sessions. Interact with the engineering team members behind Microsoft tools and technologies to help you get started.
Microsoft as a lot of announcements for this event. As you guys know that keynote has just been delivered, I would love put some light on keynote announcements. For reader’s easiness I have split announcements into their catagories.
Like every Microsoft technology developer I am also pleased to know that Visual Studio 2015 has 5 Million downloads now which means more devopers are loving Visual Studio 2015 and developing awesome applications using that. When you talk about online services Visual Studio Online is pride of Microsoft and as announced Visual Studio Online has crossed 3.2 Millon mark where as last but not the least new addition to our family Visual Studio code which is very light weight cross platform IDE for Windows, MAC and Linux. It’s really amazing to know that it has crossed 1 Million downloads.


  • 5M Downloads of Visual Studio 2015
  • 3.2 M Visual Studio Online
  • 1M Visual Studio Code Downloads
  • Visual Studio 2015 with Update 1 is now available for download
  • .NET Code RC with GO Live is now available
  • ASP.NET 5 RC Launched

Visual Studio 2015 – Update 1

Visual Studio 2015 is a rich, integrated development environment for creating stunning applications for Windows, Android, and iOS, as well as modern web applications and cloud services.
Tools and services for projects of any size or complexity
C#, Visual Basic, F#, C++, Python, Node.js and HTML/JavaScript
Sprint planning.Advanced debugging, profiling, automated and manual testing.DevOps with automated deployments and continuous monitoring. With Update 1 it’s now even more awesome. Here are some new features introduced in Update 1 of Visual Studio 2015

  • You can use Tag Helpers now.
  • Environment Tags ar now available
  • You can now deploy ASP.NET website to docker container directly

You may download latest update of Visual Studio 2015 here,

Open Soruce Announcements

Here are some opensource announcements,

  • Dotnet as “Helper Command” in Linux
  • Native executable file using Linux and MAC

Visual Studio Code

Build and debug modern web and cloud applications. Code is free and available on your favorite platform – Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows. It’s new version is now available for download and have a lot of new features,

  • Multi Cursors
  • Peek using CTRL Key
  • Now you can manage snippets
  • Colorization has improved a lot.
  • Themes are available for VS CODE.
  • Extensions are now available for VS CODE and you can do extensions development in VS CODE.
  • Hover Peek debugging experience is now available
  • Ext Installer
  • Support for GO Programming Language is now available
  • JSX Snippets are now avaialble

Anyone can download VS CODE Preview here,

Visual Studio Online | Visual Studio Team Services:

You would be thinking why I have written Team Services here, as announced in keynote VS Online is now Visual Studio Team Services. You can experience new and improved experience right now, right this time here,
here are some salient updates,

  • Application Insights
  • Node Support is now available
  • -Tasks are avialable that one can do in VS Team Services itself.
    • Example
    • Npm Install
    • Gulp
    • Publish
  • Automated Build and Deploy
  • Hockey App is integrated with VS Team Services now.

You can watch CONNECT(); 2015 Live on Channel9
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