Microsoft Dynamics and Magento Commerce: A perfect omnichannel pairing

October 31, 2019

Microsoft Dynamics and Magento Commerce: A perfect omnichannel pairing

To run a successful business, you must to listen to your customers and address their demands. Customers expect consistent interactions across channels; they appreciate the ability to track orders across all available points of interaction. In other words, customers are looking for an omnichannel experience. Unifying Magento Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a great way to deliver such an experience.
ERP + Magento
A Dynamics 365 backend makes it easy to manage your supply chain and financials, whereas a Magento Commerce online store helps you attract, convert, and retain new customers. Together, they are your golden ticket to delivering a seamless customer experience.
Both Magento Commerce and Dynamics 365 were designed to be easy to integrate and extend. This flexibility makes them a great match. When implemented as a unified solution, Dynamics 365 and Magento Commerce create a remarkable customer experience. They enhance the visibility of your business, your customers, and their purchase history. Automated marketing, sales, and accounting workflows simplifies order fulfillment, replenishment, and product information management.

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