The Factors of Complete Customer Experience

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 Back in the days, retailers were able to establish themselves merely on the basis of their physical presence in the market in terms of a retail store; today however it is simply not enough to just own a physical store.
It is a must for a retailer to think beyond a store, because a retail experience in this day and age encompasses everything from the retailer’s website to their call center, and extends beyond the marketplaces to social media platforms. Because of this, retail is now often referred to as multi-channel retail.

In order to face up to the challenge that is presented by multi-channel retail, retailers now have to ensure that they provide the ‘complete customer experience’.

One of the basic elements of providing a complete customer experience is that customers should be catered to at a personal level. This not only means that individual customers should be received at the physical store or on the company website and addressed by name and given personal attention, but also that they should be assisted in finding what they wish to purchase. Additionally, personalized offers which ensure the customer gets value for the time and money that he is spending at your outlet, physical or otherwise, makes the customer experience even more wholesome.

Another important factor that helps create the complete customer experience is that the customer’s journey should be seamless. The customer should be able to make a connection with the retailer as and when he chooses, and through whichever platform or device; most importantly the experience should be consistent, be it online or in-store. In the case of promotions, the customer should have the option of availing the deal/offer whenever he wishes, and the promotion should not only be offered in a physical form, but also on the web (accessible through any device); this makes it easier to be redeemed.

The last factor that a retailer must take care of so as to provide customers with the complete customer experience is differentiation. If a retailer provides much better products, gives great value for money and provides superior customer service, then customers will most definitely feel that their overall experience with such a retailer is much better than the experience he has had with other retailers, hence the retailer has successfully differentiated himself from his competitors in the market.

Creating and providing a complete customer experience cannot be done without a powerful retail software such as Microsoft Dynamics for Retail which makes it possible for retailers to be dynamic enough to meet customer’s challenging requirements. By reducing the complexities that retailers face, Dynamics for Retail allows retailers to focus on connecting with their customers, enabling their employees, and living up to the commitments that their brand pledges to customers by executing business processes with perfection.

In the next blog, you will learn more about how Dynamics AX for Retail helps retailers create the complete customer experience.



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