Microsoft Dynamics AX: The Ideal Solution for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

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With over 350, 000 customers and 5 million users worldwide, Microsoft Dynamics AX has been catering to small and medium sized businesses for over 25 years. It is the perfect solution for small and medium sized businesses as it provides targeted solutions that meet industry-specific needs; this business software can be customized for manufacturing, retail, distributions, public sector and services industries. An example of such a customization is that Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for public sector incorporates fund accounting as required by public sector entities.
Furthermore, small and medium sized businesses will find that Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions are efficient and cost effective, and is designed to keep up with their business potential. This ERP solution increases the proactivity and productivity of employees as it enables individuals and teams to work better, faster and smarter. Microsoft Dynamics AX is reputed for promoting fast business growth because it helps businesses overcome obstacles such as transaction limitations, slow performance and the necessity of data re-entry due to disconnected data, as well as slashing related costs such as hiring additional people or expending extra time.
Additionally, to help businesses solve and prevent problems, Microsoft Dynamics features inbuilt workflows that give employees a comprehensive view and detailed understanding of the business; alongside this Microsoft Dynamics is embedded with powerful business intelligence tools that help transform data into insight.
One of the greatest benefits to small and medium sized businesses from Microsoft Dynamics AX services is that they transforms the way people connect—it allows people to connect using the web, through a SharePoint portal, or using a traditional desktop computer. Using this ERP solution employees can perform business processes by connecting through instant messaging, email, voice, and presence. In addition, Dynamics AX also facilitates the productivity of remote staff members by enabling them to work from wherever they are stationed. Such possibilities in terms of communication are of immense value to businesses as customers, suppliers and other business partners can be reached out to in a timely manner.
However, one of the most important factors because of which small and medium sized businesses give preference to Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions over other ERP solutions is that for up to a period of 10 years after its release, Microsoft provides support for the version of Dynamics AX that a business purchases. Furthermore, Microsoft’s partners provide local resources and expertise specific to customers’ business needs.
In conclusion, a Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions are ideal for small and medium sized businesses because it can turn insight into action and make every interaction and transaction productive. It allows your business to set itself apart from its competitors by driving long term growth through uncovering and creating new business opportunities.

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