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One of the greatest documentaries in the apparel industry from the past ten years is the HBO special titled “Schmatta: Rags to Riches To Rags.”
It outlines domestic production in the apparel industry in and around the NYC area. The stats were astounding with a staggering 95% (1965) production done domestically and 5% (2009) done overseas. Today apparel production has done a total 180 with a handful of vertically integrated manufacturers in the USA.
The supply chain shift from domestic to one of many import workflows is a “standard carton X Factoryfrom Vendor to cross dock DC to the Customer.” The touch points are decreased using algorithms with a focus on getting the goods out the door before the cancel date.

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Lower prices triggered the paradigm shift of production with higher quality. A logical move for any business- get it cheaper, faster and better. This did create a logistical nightmare for shipping and receiving goods up until recently when “cloud technology” allowed production and logistics managers to enhance communication via supply chain. The organization “silo” is the number 1 disconnect in Global Supply Chain.


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Global supply chain software such as Visionet’s EdgeAX applies those same algorithms in a workflow environment that streamlines the business process using Vendor Portals that connects to the ERP. The Silo risk is eliminated with Power BI (Business Intelligence)
Also, a unified commerce solution is provided that allows the corporation to break down the SILOS and plan the first response to mission critical deliveries! (Imagine online banking ease of use for Global Supply Chain Communication)
This simple approach is achieved with Visionet’s EDGE AX Version 7 solution. It simplifies lead times and communicates with calendars that align with departments such as merchandising and logistics.
So if we are improving opportunity time and touch points while breaking down the silos, the bottom line is significantly increased with the shift in technology. Very simple solution!
Wayne Gretzky puts this best– “Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”
TEAR DOWN THOSE SILOS WITH EDGE AX V7 and get to where you need to be…


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