The Basics of Leveraging Microsoft Azure for Dynamics

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Through Microsoft Azure, a flexible cloud platform, Microsoft has allowed businesses to utilize multiple tools and apps that are accessible in Azure’s public cloud. Microsoft Azure offers Dynamics customers a number of integrated services through a flexible cloud computing platform such as analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web.
Leveraging your business on Microsoft Azure for Dynamics allows for increased flexibility and mobility of the system via secure Microsoft Data Centers. The hosting scenarios could include private hosting, on premises, or even a hybrid model through a combination of Azure. Additionally, customers may choose between perpetual licensing and monthly licensing.
It has recently been predicted that Dynamics products will be released with designs that are compatible with Microsoft Azure only; an example of this can be seen in the soon to be released Dynamics AX 7 which will initially be available on Azure only.
Azure provides a fast and reliable cloud structure, however, in order to launch an ERP cloud solution such as Microsoft Dynamics leveraged on Azure it is necessary to have certain expertise because implementation, maintenance and management services of an ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics are not included in the cost of Azure cloud.
An ERP cloud cannot be deployed without having ERP cloud experts on board as they have the experience and expertise necessary for overcoming the unique challenges and complications cannot not be handled alone by even the most senior of IT personnel. Therefore, it is recommended that Microsoft Dynamics VAR be employed for implementation, configuration and consultation experience while a Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Partner works with VAR to provide cloud licensing, architecture and compliance related services.
To learn about the advantages of leveraging Microsoft Azure for Dynamics, wait for the sequel to this blog.

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