Reinsurance risk mitigation using digital risk management solutions

December 31, 2018

Reinsurance risk mitigation using digital risk management solutions

Reinsurers face a high level of risk from multiple market forces, including claims leakage, the arrival of new players, poor management of aging recoverables, and inadequate business intelligence capabilities. Implementing the right digital solution is absolutely crucial for minimizing these risks.

What good risk management solutions offer

The “right” solution is one that addresses all of your organization’s risk management needs without requiring extensive customization. The customization process delays time to value, increases implementation costs, reduces adoption rates, and increases the chance of unexpected results. Your digital risk management solution should include out-of-the-box capabilities like claims and event management, policy management, technical accounting, statistical and regulatory reports, and advanced business intelligence.

Ensuring successful solution implementation

Successfully implementing a risk management system isn’t easy. In addition to ensuring that the solution possesses all the functionality your organization needs, you must also integrate it with your other existing information systems and configure it to align properly with company-specific internal policies and workflows.
The implementation project’s success hinges on open and efficient communication between your solution implementation partner and internal project team. Delays in the decision making and approval process on either end can cause the project to go over budget or create gaps in your expectations and actual solution functionality.

Avoiding claims leakage

Digital risk management systems can help reduce claims leakage using self-auditing capabilities, improved monitoring claims personnel, robust claim data modelling capabilities, and integrated, automated claims workflows that minimize manual intervention.

Enhancing operational processes

Automating internal business processes and integration with external systems are important ways to improve efficiency and minimize errors. Automated processes are also easier to audit and analyze, providing better visibility and accountability.
It is critical to adopt modern technology to achieve operational efficiency and mitigate risk. Digital technology also helps reinsurers control costs across the whole reinsurance value chain while also improving business relationships. Choose a dependable technology vendor who has experience in handling reinsurance projects and a solid implementation track record. Please contact Visionet Systems today for a complimentary solution demo.