Top Salesforce Trends to Watch out for in 2022

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"In the enterprise software category, CRM is the go-to choice for organizations and Salesforce CRM owns the biggest chunk of the market share (19.2%), which is more than Oracle, SAP, Adobe, & Microsoft combined (17.8%)."

For over two decades, Salesforce has been the leader in customer engagement and enterprise cloud computing. The Salesforce CRM platform is constantly evolving in terms of technological innovation and thousands of customers utilize Salesforce for customer application development. For instance, you can use Sales Cloud to boost sales productivity, Service Cloud to deliver unparalleled customer experience, Marketing Cloud to run personalized campaigns & customer journeys, and Community (Experience) Cloud to engage customers & partners.

Be it state-of-the-art data migration or tools for industry expansion, organizations have been reaping the benefits of top Salesforce trends year in and year out and 2022 will be no different.


Top Salesforce Trends 2022


Let’s take a brief look at some of the top Salesforce trends as we venture into 2022.


1.    SlackFirst Customer 360




We saw a significant rise in the use of collaborative platforms in the last two years. These tools enabled companies to smoothly run business operations without any interruption. Allowing global teams to easily communicate & collaborate from a centralized platform.

Salesforce was quick to comprehend the future importance of collaborative platforms and in 2020, they acquired Slack. To catalyze productivity in the hybrid work environment, Salesforce introduced SlackFirst Customer 360.

President & COO of Salesforce, Bret Taylor, thinks tools like these will fundamentally revolutionize the work environment.

This is just the beginning for the Slack-First Customer 360 – which will fundamentally reshape how work gets done by connecting employees, customers, & partners and the apps they use on a single platform.

The Salesforce-Slack marriage delivers an integrated collaborative work environment. Combining the business processing power of Salesforce and the collaborative tools & apps available in Slack. Empowering businesses to automate operations and make them more focused and productive.


2.    Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0



Predicting the changing needs of the health care industry during the pandemic, Salesforce made some amends to their Health Cloud, leading to the development of Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0. It complies with all the post-COVID era rules & regulations and is packed with features such as enhanced vaccine management, contact tracing, and other useful health tracking functionalities.

Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0 enables hybrid healthcare experiences by providing exceptional healthcare facilities, irrespective of time and location. It is surely going to be one of the top Salesforce trends in the healthcare industry as we head into 2022.


3.    Salesforce Flow Orchestrator




While technological advancements have made business processes easier, it has also made the workflows rather complex & diverse, increasing the need for workflow automation to stay in sync with business objectives. This complexity can give rise to miscalculations, decreased revenue, delays, and a compromised customer experience.

Salesforce Flow Orchestrator can help you combat these challenges. It enables swift automation of Salesforce Administrators’ workflows to better configure & deploy enterprise processes. Orchestration embedment to the files allows users to deliver customers the required context and also enables secure and smooth tracking of diverse workflows – ultimately, making it easier to achieve the desired business goals.


4.    AI and Einstein Analytics




AI & ML are fast becoming relevant and important in almost all industries. AI-powered tools analyze historic and existing data and learn like humans – and in some cases, even better than humans.

Salesforce Einstein is one such useful tool that harnesses the power of AI to allow for better business management. It helps users analyze huge amounts of data, make relevant predictions, and provide valuable business insights. Moreover, AI & ML also help businesses automate mundane tasks and eliminate the need for human intervention – decreasing human error, increasing productivity, and saving valuable time & finances.

The future will see more autonomy with respect to managing business operations. Long-term success lies in creating the perfect harmony between machines and the manual workforce and not in considering technology as a threat to one’s profession. The sky is the limit for companies and the workforce who understand its importance.



Heading into 2022, it is vital to embrace customer-centric strategies and industry-specific tools to prepare your business for the new digital economy. The COVID-19 chaos was a life-altering event that forced many companies to embrace the notion of truly going ‘digital’.
Salesforce, staying true to its reputation as a digital-first, cloud-native, customer-centric partner and platform, is committed to helping businesses navigate this new economy, and we at Visionet Systems Inc. are here to enable this success formula.

Are you seeking seamless business workflows to boost customer experiences and increase sales? Get in touch with Visionet (trusted Salesforce partner) to learn more.

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